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Discussion in 'General' started by 2OLD2BFAST, Apr 29, 2003.


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    Just wanted to post a note to find out how well read the article by MIGHTYDUCRACING was in the latest RRW Magazine, and to thank RRW for publishing something that all of the "newer" riders could relate to so well. Needless to say, I think the enthusiasm shown in the piece was awesome (and contagious)!

    I've been away from this stuff for a while and I appreciate the additional exposure that the sport is getting through that publication at all the various levels. I mean MotoGP is great, but the grass roots type of stuff is in my opinion way too overlooked in a lot of respects!

    Keep it up!
  2. gixer1100

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    agreed, i have thought about writing a piece and sending it in. i just may. grassroot level stuff is sometimes more interestinf because you know or have met some of the riders, and you can relate to it.
  3. MightyDuc Racing

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    Thanks! I got the idea for the article because I was trying to find a newbie article myself when I was starting to look into it and couldn't. I'm glad everybody liked it and thanks again for the good feedback, and thanks again to JU for the chance to write it!:beer:

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