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    Getting out of track riding and selling off my gear. I have three sets of gloves. Let's get this out of the way now, NONE of these are mint condition as I'm pretty sure I crashed at least once in all of them. That said, all are still perfectly fine other than cosmetics, though the palm sliders on the Knox definitely have seen better days. All prices+7 dollars shipping

    First, Dainese Full Metal Race gloves. These have some of the finest leather I've ever felt. And yes, went down in these too and despite the fact that they feel like a second skin and seem like they should be lightweight, there is little noticeable wear other than some scuffing and normal discoloration from rubber grips on the palms. amazing protection combined with outstanding comfort and feel. These retail for 300-400 bucks, yours for $65 dollars. Size XL, but Dainese is Italian and they fit smaller, I could call them closer to a size L

    Next some Knox Bio-mechs. Super comfortable and featuring the BOA lace system. Tons of protection, but one of the right hand palm sliders probably only has a few more hits to the ground left in it. Hopefully you aren't doing that often though and they should be good to go for a long time. These are like the Dainese in that they are super lightweight feeling, yet a ridiculous amount of protection. Whereas the Heroics go for the "bigger is better" approach and are built more like tanks. These are a size 9/M. Somehow they fit my super long fingers just fine (I can palm a basketball easily), however my ex GF wore them and they fit her just fine as well. No idea how that works other than they are more of a euro fit so long and slim are better. If you have fuller sized hands then I would say they are definitely more of a Medium. Yours for $30. Retail was somewhere around 250 originally.

    Next set is a pair of Heroic Racing SPR gloves with the Stingray skin. These things are absolutely bomb proof. I went down once in them and you barely even tell. The stingray skin is pretty much indestructible. You may be looking at the photo and thinking "What is up with the flash, one of them looks darker than the other?". Nope, that's not an illusion. I accidently washed that one with my undersuits and the colors bled. Still fine though. They have an aggressive pre-curve in them which may feel odd when you are walking around with them, but on the bike they naturally put your hands in the position to grip the bars. Retail $300, yours for $50 bucks. Size 10

    bunch of pics in my drive you can view here, didn't want to load up a wall of photos



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    Heroic's sold!
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    Dainese sold!
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    All gone!

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