Kawasaki zx10r gen4 to gen5 rotor spacers

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Wibbly, May 24, 2016.

  1. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    In order to use 2011 to 2015 front wheels on the 2016 bike, you need to space the rotors out slightly, and also use 2016 wheel spacers. Once you've done this, 2011-2015 wheels are a straight bolt on.

    It will likely be much easier to find 2011-2015 wheels than 2016s as spares, so I have built 10 sets of rotor spacers specifically for this.

    I have also built captive spacers for the 2016 wheels and 2011-2015 wheels for fitment on the 2016 bike. these captive spacers will NOT work on the 2011-2015 bike.

    The rotor spacers can be seen here.


    and here are the captive wheel spacers


    Prices are as follows

    The rotor spacers are 50 USD per pair shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA

    To fit your 2011-2015 wheels to the 2016, you ONLY need these rotor spacers and the stock wheel spacers from your 2016 bike. if you don't want to swap spacers between wheels, you can either purchase a set of stock 2016 spacers from the dealer, or purchase a set of captive spacers from me.

    The captive wheels spacers are 40 USD per pair shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA

    These are captive spacers for the 2016. They can be used in 2011-2015 wheels when fitting the wheels to a 2016 bike.

    The rotor spacers and captive spacers combined in a kit are 80 USD shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA

    If you are interested in either rotor spacers, captive spacers, or both, please send an email to wibbly@hotmail.com to arrange for the purchase.

  2. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

  3. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    nobody upgrading from the gen4 to gen5?
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  4. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    back up. still have some of these left

    2OLD2BFAST Well-Known Member

    Have any available now? Ready to buy if you do...
  6. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    yeah i still have some of these left. send an email to the address in the original post and we will get you sorted out

  7. Joedirt1

    Joedirt1 Well-Known Member

    Pm sent wibbly

    2OLD2BFAST Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I ordered, received and have used these and they work perfectly! Thanks Wibbly...

    Now if I can just find some 330mm rotors for it I'll be all set!
  9. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    thanks for the free bumps guys.

    still have some of these left. just working on getting some more captive spacers turned up
  10. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    Just bumping this.

    I've recently seen some more interest in these so I'm producing more of the rotor spacers.

    Please email me if you are interested
  11. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    I have rotor spacers available again.

    Email if interested
  12. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    still available if anyone is doing the conversion
  13. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    i did another run of these, email if interested
  14. Paulrico

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    I'm interested in purchasing a set of those spacers for zx10r gen 4 to Gen 5 Wheels can you shoot me info so i can buy it paulrico87@ gmail.com
  15. SpinALL4

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    I have good set of Gen 4 zx10r wheels for sale

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  16. jt21

    jt21 JFugginT

    i have a friend looking for a set of these, any available?
  17. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

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  18. Marcismo55

    Marcismo55 New Member

    Are you still making these?
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  19. Wibbly

    Wibbly Well-Known Member

    sorry, no. the ones i made took 3 years to sell. i'm not really willing to do that all over again. i should delete this post.
  20. George Myshlyayev

    George Myshlyayev Well-Known Member

    I have a set of these if anyone is looking.

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