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    Just a quick note to restate the obvious! Jennings is an awesome facility with great opportunities for everyone from first time track riders all the way up to pro teams. I just did a track day there on Sunday with six riders from our local shop, and after a dozen years away from racing I have to tell you that in terms of the quality and quantity of track time we got, it was unbelievable! So my advice to anyone looking for a great opportunity for track time or testing, at an awesome facility, take advantage of Jennings GP up in North Florida.

    For what it's worth if you have questions about availability, dates etc. I've had great luck getting it from both FAT BLOKE who monitors this board, and through the phone numbers listed at

    Lastly for now, for those of you that know Jennings and value it like I now do, be sure to visit thier website and use the link on the welcome page relative to "help Jennings GP"!!! We all need to do this in order to try and insure that they do not come under any additional, ridiculous, pressure from the county (or one specific whiner) about noise issues.

    To Fat Bloke and the others at JGP, Thanks for a great day!

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    it is a great track, one of very few places i understand even in the country that holds open track days monthly. i learned ALOT riding there 2x per month for the past year...there is a definite threat of shut-down from the county due to the noise ordinance being broken. 87db is pretty low, but thats what was agreed to when the permits were granted. Most tracks im told have a higher max db, over 90db, which (you scientists out there can back be up), is actually 2x as loud as 87db..
    hope the place stays open...
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    Hey 2OLD....where in SW Florida are you from and what is your local shop? I'm in Ft. Myers/Cape Coral and was wondering if anybody else from here ever goes up for track days. Bike's out of commission until the May 3-4 round, but just curious.


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    Not to confuse matters, but I work down in Naples, live up in Bradenton and the shop is in Sarasota. Last week it was 6 guys from the shop and 3 or 4 of us are definitely planning on going back as often as possible! For now, I think we'll head up again the last weekend in April for another track day. Who's running an event on the first weekend in May that you mentioned? At this point I probably need track time more than racing, so endurance type stuff is probably our priority over sprints.

    Keep in touch if your thinking of heading that way and maybe we'll hook up when you do.
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    It's a CCS Sprint Weekend May 3-4. I can't believe you drive that far to I was thinking of heading up the last weekend of April too, but decided I don't want to go that far two weeks in a row. Keep in touch, though.

  6. We drove 31 hours round trip to stay at Jennings for 2 track days (about 36 hours total) and it was well worth the trip. Great track, great people, I will definately go back-but stay for a bit longer next time.
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    It's definitely worth the trip...don't get me wrong. But when your wallet takes the hit mine just took with this damn motor, I need to pinch a few pennies for a few months.:(

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