Is Ginsburg really coming back and for how long

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by sheepofblue, Jan 11, 2019.

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    What seat was "stolen"?

    The seats on the Court were vacant, the duly elected President nominated a candidate, and the candidate was vetted and confirmed by the Legislative Branch despite some extremely unethical attempts by the Democratic Party to sabotage the nominee's confirmation with some extremely weak bullshit about claims of shenanigans he was allegedly a participant in BEFORE he was old enough to be held accountable as a legal adult. They pulled the Monica from their playbook and dug up a dim-wit that couldn't hold a thought if her hands were free of any burdens and she wasn't busy trying to find her ass with both hands to play their "victim".

    Double HORSESHIT!

    Open your eyes Terrence...stop lovin' on the Party of Hate and Corruption. They're barely even trying to hide it anymore.
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    The KADDF is probably talking about the McConnell brakes. Which it pretty funny, given what's happened since then.
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    omg Stop getting trolled by him

    put him on ignore. It’s a much better experience
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    And in the meantime skeletor is not even sick.... you cannot kill the undead.
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    Did you get your feelers hurt. :crackup:

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