Is Ginsburg really coming back and for how long

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by sheepofblue, Jan 11, 2019.

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    I do live here. Roy Moore was/is very self serving. He doesn’t care about anyone but Roy Moore. He would have not have made it out of the Republican primary if for not the scandal surrounding the governor’s office and Luther Strange. Roy Moore rode that controversy and state Republicans sat on their hands and let him. Like Obama, the Jones election woke people up. But, unlike Obama, he will be one and done.
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    I have never heard of a self serving politician. Weird.

    What I want to know is do you and other locals believe the accusations against Moore? I dont have an opinion since both sides of the activist media are liars.
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    As I said we share the low opinion of him. However the child molester nonsense was made up hit piece BS. That town was not a large place then and it would have been common knowledge as it always is in small towns. Add in the stuff like while he and she were there for the court case it was to turn custody over to Dad so she left the county THAT DAY. Plus the people that worked with the other one consistently contradicted the story and knew each other but not her. Location/name details that were wrong etc. That part was the hit job

    But yes I was hoping for Mo who they smeared earlier figuring the criminal spawn Strange was a given then. Ironically it likely saved Mo Brooks life as he was able to have his cancer detected and treated instead of campaigning and finding it to late, karma won on that one IMO.

    Long time friend of ours grew up there and is about the same age range. Said it was 100% BS. He still has a bunch of family in Gadsden area. Contrast that with a 'rumored' perv in Lynchburg and a coworker who was told to not go near 'that house' under any circumstance. Or the Shutter Shop perv (we later found out he was making porno films upstairs for years) who we were told to never go in the shop alone by our parents. In a small town it is more likely to be rumored incorrectly than missed altogether.
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    Mo would have been a good Senator, and my choice. But, he was all but invisible to most folks because the scandal on one side and the made up scandal on the other. The lines didn’t allow for him to have a chance. And, for all of Moore’s faults, some true, and a lot made up, he would have been better than Doug Jones by a mile.
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    Hey, it's 2019.

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    Day early as tomorrow is Groundhog Day.
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    Here we go again...and again...................Today is the Dutchy Holiday...Grund Sow day!
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    Well they did steal a seat so.....
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    They get a transcript and the audio, it's not like they all ask questions anyway.. Thomas stayed quiet till after Scalia died. Shit he to shit any normal person would agree to was wrong.
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    Stealing a seat means theft. Theft means a law was broken. Which exact law was broken?
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    And you wonder why people think you’re a Kool-Aid drinking democrat fool?
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