Irnie's Eastern Canada HD Superbike Documentary 2009: AMP Nova Scotia

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    Irnieracing presents Marcel Irnie's Eastern Canada Superbike ONLINE HD VIDEO Documentary 2009: Atlantic Motorsports Park, Nova Scotia.

    "Marcel Irnie's quest for success in the Armour Bodies Amateur Sport Bike class of the Parts Canada Superbike Series brought him to Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP) in Shubenacadie, NS. As a lone privateer, the West Kelowna, BC native made the arduous seven day journey by himself. Irnie arrived the week prior to the Parts Canada National to participate in the regional races at AMP. This race weekend was used to regain his fitness and prepare the machinery for the National race. Using race worn tires, Irnie rode conservatively, bringing his lap times into the 1:12's, placing 4th, 5th, and 3rd.

    After a week of rest and preparation, Irnie was eager to go to battle in the National race. With some exuberance and fresh tires, Irnie pulled off a scorching 1:10.8; good enough for second in his class. This lap time would have been fast enough to qualify in the top ten in the "Pro Superpole" against Factory Teams. Post qualifying dyno readings showed that his 2008 ZX-6R was only delivering 99 horsepower at the rear wheel, when the bike should have been putting out 116rwhp. Despite being well down on power and grappling with a faulty steering stabilizer, Irnie went into the final with great anticipation..."

    Marcel films his entire 10,000 Mile journey from the "second person perspective," with a unique film style he likes to call "active editing." The online film quality is amazing at 720p High Definition.

    Marcel films randomly and talks with fellow racers and crew including Brian Blaauwendraat, Jim Brooks, Bodie Edie, Todd McLean, Steve Crevier, Jodi Christie, Billy Shields, Brett McCormick, and Efram Ellenbogen.

    After Nova Scotia, Marcel visits Kreater Custom Motorcycles in Mississauga Ontario for rest and repair. The adventure continues to Shannonville Ontario where Marcel must camp four weeks in a field, until the final national in September. has doubled in size with December's record breaking viewership of 6466 Page Views and 2118 Unique Visitors. January 2010 doubled again with 11605 Page Views, and 6308 Unique Visitors. was created in June 2009 and has so far received 16,686 unique visitors in only 7 months. 2010 looks to be a great year... Good time to be a sponsor! hint hint :) is sponsored by AMSOIL Synthetics, Arrow Truck Caps, BlueStreakRacing, Go Pro Camera, Kreater Customs, Magna-Tech Services, Muller Motor Sports, Munro Cylinder Heads, Tyrsox Tirewarmers and Valley Moto Sport.


    Marcel Irnie
    AMSOIL Synthetics Dealer
    info @
    Kelowna BC, Canada








  2. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

  3. Coopster

    Coopster Well-Known Member

    Very cool, Marcel.
    I have been on the verge of doing something similar w/ my Formula 1000 car racing program.
    You have given me inspiration to take The Coop Chronicles to the next level!

    PS Is the guy in the vid at 6:10 a famous douche, or a regular, run-of-the-mill douche?
  4. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    That's awesome to hear. Thanks for the comment. I love car racing too!

    haha.. you must be talking about Clint McBain! Clint's a good guy... just not so friendly during Superpole! I was racing against Cody Matechuk, who is McBains step-son. A very expensive privateer effort!
  5. old buzzard

    old buzzard Well-Known Member


    the videos are great. Top effort. I really enjoyed watching them. All the best and good luck in 2010 !

  6. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer


    SHANNONVILLE ONTARIO EPISODE is now available at

    AMSOIL-sponsored motorcycle road racer Marcel Irnie spent 6 weeks out east in the latter part of the summer to compete in the final two rounds of the Parts Canada Superbike Series. A hard crash ended his race on August 9th in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. He then made his way back to Shannonville, Ontario and lived in a tent until the race weekend of September 3 – 6! Such is the life of a privateer! Unfortunately Marcel didn’t have much better luck in the final round.

    There’s no question that Marcel was very competitive this year, but poor luck and mechanical issues robbed him of valuable points. With the proper financial backing and competitive equipment we see Marcel vying for the series title in this class next year.

    Marcel films randomly from the 'Second Person Perspective' and talks with fellow racers and crew including:
    Brett McCormick, Jordon Szoke, Andrew Nelson, Steve Crevier, Bodie Edie, Cody Matechuk, Billy Shields, Efram Ellenbogen, Royce McLean, Jodi Christie, Sebastien Tremblay, Marcos Dongarra, Pascal Picotte, and the Go Lo Girls.

    Everyone can also download the original Video File, for none-compressed 720p HD footage.

    Shannonville 2009 CDN Superbike HD Documentary Part 1 1280x720, 644.47MB

    Shannonville 2009 CDN Superbike HD Documentary Part 2 1280x720, 661.35MB

    To download Original Video file on Vimeo website, simply sign up as free member, and click the download button (bottom right) on video page.
  7. goose705

    goose705 Well-Known Member

    great site n vids!

    Great videos Marcel, man only a dude from BC could go camping that long and still smile about it, lol. All the best in 2010.
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  8. makvli199

    makvli199 Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed watching the vids good luck to you in 2010
  9. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    thanks goose.. i quoted you on my website too :)


    I'm almost ready to re-install the motor. New pistons/ rings, main/rod bearings, bolts/nuts. The 2008 engine case sucks... makes yah remove everything, including the clutch and transmission to get the pistons out!




    Shannonville Racing photos by Larry Szoke...RIP
  10. Focker

    Focker Well-Known Member

    Marcel, are you Am again in 2010?
  11. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    I have not decided yet. I can stay Amateur, or volunteer to go Pro. My 2010 sponsorship proposal was developed for the Canadian Amateur championship, as I could obtain the most National TV exposure. With enough sponsorship money, I wanted to attend Calgary, Mosport, and Nova Scotia.

    At this point, I don't have enough money to attend the Nova Scotia National, so I might just race in Calgary and Mosport.

    Canadian Kawasaki Contingency has not been posted yet... if ever? That will also have a factor on my tentative schedule.

    Instead of Nova Scotia, I will be creating a Superbike / Rally Demo show at the Center Of Gravity, Sports and Entertainment Festival, in Kelowna BC.

    With a possible 30,000 spectators at this years Center of Gravity, I would have a bigger audience anywho. Not to mention local exposure, which I never get. I'm not really interested in driving 10,000 Miles across Canada, spending $3000 on diesel fuel, and camping for a month in the back of my truck.
  12. Bad Dog

    Bad Dog Well-Known Member

    Sounds like fun, :beer:

    CHEFROUGE! Active Member

    Nice vid Irnie, dam you guys really stepped it up from the week before I thought that 11s and 12s would work but 9s and 10s for front row good run.
  14. jefflucas

    jefflucas Member

    Nice photos Marcel, I like the first picture; is that you draggin elbows in the dirt? We're stoked this weekend, I will be at CVR doing track and hopefully for you won't need rain tires. Show everyone what a green ninja can do.:D:D:D
  15. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    I hit a big rock with my knee in that first photo. It really hurt.

    I'm racing in Seattle this weekend. Looks like rain, so my A bike is on rain tires, and my 05zx6r is my dry bike. I finally get a chance to film with my 5 gopro hd cameras. Stay tuned!!!
  16. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    The Saga continues...

    Superbike racer finishes strong in Seattle (Kelowna Capital News, April 14, 2010)

    Marcel Irnie Gets Early Jump on 2010 Season
    VIDEO Available CLICK CLICK!

    Motorcycle road-racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna BC, traveled to Pacific Raceway near Seattle Washington to participate in the opening round of the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) which was held on April 3rd and 4th. This was Irnie’s first ride of the season.

    Irnie worked hard throughout the winter, not only preparing his bike, but also gathering new sponsors. Some valuable new partnerships were formed that will add some exciting new dimensions to Irnie’s 2010 campaign. New sponsor World Gym Kelowna provided a personal trainer ( who has been working very hard with Marcel. With an increased emphasis on physical conditioning, Marcel hopes to hit the track in the best shape of his life. To improve his motorcycles, Irnieracing was pleased to team up with Dave Alexander of Fluid Suspension Science. Mr. Alexander will provide suspension setup consultation as well as research and development. Marcel was also excited to transport his race gear in a new Royal Cargo 7x16 trailer with help from new sponsor British Columbia Trailer. As an experienced filmmaker, Marcel will chronicle the events with five new HD Hero cameras supplied by new sponsor GoPro. Irnie films everything from on-board race footage to his adventures as a privateer on the road.

    The 2009 season was a tumultuous one as it brought everything from the highs of podiums and champagne to the lows of crashes and broken trailer axles at midnight. The Washington event was to be a valuable stepping stone in his drive for the 2010 Canadian Sportbike Amateur Championship.

    Marcel participated in the Friday track day which was rainy and treacherous, riding his newly rebuilt 2008 ZX-6R. Marcel would like to thank Scott at Munro Cylinder Heads, for his hard work and dedication. With new pistons, rings, and rod/main bearings, Marcel had to break-in the motor with rain tires, making for a very productive day. Marcel used AMSOIL 10w40 Motorcycle Oil, which is the only synthetic motor oil recommended for initial break-in. He felt quite comfortable and was glad to get some laps under his belt for the first time this year.

    "With a Seattle storm on the horizon, I knew it was gonna be a wet and windy track-day. With winds gusting at 20 mph, the track was littered with debris. Every lap I had to dodge wind torn branches, as they blew across the track. I was very pleased with my riding, and kept upright the entire day."

    Thankfully Saturday afternoon brought drier conditions for race day. Marcel opted to use his trusty 2005 Kawasaki ZX6RR 600cc bike for the race against his competitors’ 750cc units. With new Extreme Pro brake-pads from EBC Brakes, Marcel was ready to do battle. As the race unfolded, Irnie settled into a groove and rode a smooth and consistent race. Irnie passed five riders on the way to an eventual fourth place finish; his best ever USA result.

    "I was super stoked after the race. This was my best finish to date. I always struggled with finishing in the WMRRA top ten, and now I had conquered it by a good margin. To celebrate my perfect race with zero errors, I pulled a few wheelies on my parade lap to thank the corner workers and fans. I believe showmanship is an important part of superbike racing, and is crucial to building an audience, and hopefully attracting more sponsors."

    Irnie was thrilled with this result and was quite anxious to have a go in the 600 Supersport race later in the afternoon. Unfortunately a scheduling mix up caused Marcel to miss his start call. The 600cc class was going through the warm-up lap while Irnie scramble to suit up and get his machine to the starting line. Marcel missed the start and entered the race a lap down. The combination of a very cold track and a light drizzle caused Irnie’s bike to slide out from under him and flip. The damage to Irnie’s 2005 unit was extensive. Recently painted bodywork by Jeff at Muller Motorsports was trashed, as was his titanium exhaust system. Marcel's helmet was damaged, and future leather repair was required. Thankfully Irnie had spare gear and his 2008 bike on hand for Sunday’s race.

    "I was so disappointed with myself... All I can do is learn from my mistakes, and race another day. After watching my GoPro HD face camera, I am very surprised I walked away from the incident. I estimate I low-sided around 130kmph, then sliding into the rock gravel. The gravel slowed me down to quickly, causing me to somersaulted a couple times, head over feet. I remember my helmet smashing the ground a couple times, as I curled up in a ball, and hoped for the best."

    On Sunday, the event was cancelled partway through the practice sessions as a rider was tragically killed in a crash. The WMRRA lost a prominent and long-time friend, Claud Jinks. Marcel Irnie offers his sincere condolences to the WMRRA and the Jinks family.

    The next event for will be on May 8-9th, for Round 2 with the WMRRA. Marcel's race videos will be even more exciting next round, as his GPS Laptimer just arrived from Bluestreakracing. This will allow multiple sector lap times, track mapping and a live speedometer. Stay Tuned!

    Marcel Irnie would like to thank his 2010 Sponsors. "I look forward to building a long term relationships with all my sponsors, and giving back at every opportunity. Thank You."

    AMSOIL Synthetics, Blue Streak Racing, British Columbia Trailer, EBC Brakes, Fluid Suspension Science, Kreater Customs, GoPro Camera, Magna-Tech Services, Muller Motor Sports, Munro-Cylinder Heads, Valley Moto Sport, and World Gym Kelowna.


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  17. irnieracing

    irnieracing Canadian Superbike Racer

    The Journey continues...

    "Irnie's Cross Training Goes Very Wrong: Dirtbike Video "

    Available at

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