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IOM TT Cancelled

Discussion in 'General' started by projekt9, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer

    According to iomtt.com
    This years TT has been cancelled.
    It was just reported on Manx Radio.

    Sadly, I will be disapointed not to see the races. But, I guess it is far better than to
    have a potential disaster to an Island farming community.
    Only 396 days until the 2002 TT !
  2. Tracee Polcin

    Tracee Polcin Pic by IYF Photo

    That sucks!!!!
  3. rfknight

    rfknight P-Star

    I'm really going to miss watching the only true "road race" of the year. Each year I dream about taking a bike over there and competing and each year I watch it and remind myself "I don't think I'm that [email protected]#king crazy."

    In some ways I'm relieved that they chose this year to cancel it. Five of us were about to commit to going to the TT this year when the plans fell through at the last minute. The dissapointment is a little easier to bear now.

    One the other hand it's a real shame the TT was canceled the year after Joey was lost.

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  4. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    Well there are dozen's of these 'real road races' that never make it to teevee in this cultural desert of (y)ours [​IMG] Although after last season (several fatalities) I think some of the Irish series of RR's may get stopped forever.
  5. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer


    I hope none of the Irish "road races"
    ever get cancelled. I don't think that they
    will, as long as riders and sponsors want the races.

    As far as the other comment, the term real
    road racers refers to REAL ROADS, not the racers themselves. There is no REAL Road racing here in the states. Too bad.
    Dangerous as it may be, it is by far the most exciting racing I have ever seen.
    and yes, if there was a real road race here
    I would sign right up.

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  6. Tracee Polcin

    Tracee Polcin Pic by IYF Photo

    There is a real road race in the States. Can't remember what they call it but it's out west somewhere. I think it's at the Donner Ski Ranch, they have all kinds of racing going on.
  7. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    I knew what he meant, and was just pointing out that there are other races on roads in Europe/Eastern Europe. I was being facetious about the cultural desert thing though, since typically the other races are not televised in the UK either!

    Word had it that after about 6 deaths in as many races last year they were starting to question the sanity of the Irish events. Of course this was before Joey D. passed. They have been saying the same about the IOM for as long as I can remember and still haven't closed it. Shame it took 'goat flu' to do it...

    And yes there are at least two road races in the US. One just started again in CA (can't for the life of me remember the name), and the True Grit 50cc up in the mountains [​IMG]
  8. Texracer85

    Texracer85 Guest

    Wouldn't the pikes peak race to the clouds ( i think that's what they call it) count? and Steamboat springs used to put on a motard style race every year, is that done with?
  9. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer

    I don't count the true grit 50cc race.

    What is the other event?
    Who sanctions it?
    I have never heard of it, or seen it
    covered in RRW.
    After Steamboat Springs I thought
    'road races' were a deep -six.
  10. rfknight

    rfknight P-Star

    Don't worry James. I know your quirky British humor. Are you needing the canopy this weekend?
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    The other event was Steamboat Springs (Colorado) and it was a full on road race (not a super motard although that may have happened there as well). It however is no longer with us...
  12. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    The one I was talking about was actually a kind of super motard event (sans title) - dirt bikes racing through the streets and into the country. Can't for the life of me remember. I know I know, its not really 'road racing', neither is the 'true grit'. But its only tuesday and the sprints at Tally seem a long way off, so I'm bored - humor me [​IMG]
  13. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    I believe I have inherited an easy-up. Let me check. Not sure I can handle the massive one for just my little RGV!
  14. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer

    So like I said...
    There is no 'real' 'road race'
    here in the states.
    We have touched upon this subject before.
    I realize there will probably never be
    due to all the legal implications...
    Sue happy bastards....
  15. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    Yes I think we are agreed on that one! I originally was talking about the other 'real road races' in Europe, when I replied to Richards comment about the IOM being the 'only' one. Its not, and never was the 'only' one. Thats all. I only raised the US examples to be a pain in the arse.. [​IMG]
  16. rfknight

    rfknight P-Star

    There are a few good things in the USA....I just can't think of them right now.

    Otherwise we suck! Ohhh, please, please, please Mr. China gives us our aircrew back, we just couldn't stand it if anyone in our military got hurt!!

    J.C. what a bunch of [email protected]#$ies we are.
  17. rgv777

    rgv777 Well-Known Member

    Unlike in the IOM and Ireland, where men are men, and sheep are, well, afraid [​IMG]

    [This message has been edited by rgv777 (edited 04-24-2001).]
  18. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer

    You guys are good for a bit of a laugh!

    I concur, with the two of you and your observations...very funny indeed.
  19. wera256

    wera256 Well-Known Member

    I grew up with Irish road racing, racing on a track is circuit racing. If you have never been to a real road race it is great. I got to watch Joey Dunlop and his brother Robert race allot. You are so close to the bikes that if you put your hand out you could touch one. At the moment there still is allot of road racing in Ireland scheduled but with the FMD there all racing has been canceled. The guys who race the road courses there are a bit mad, have a friend that races and has hit a break wall a high speed didn't even phase him just wanted to get back out. Last year there was bunch of guys killed it's because the bikes are getting faster, too fast for some of the roads. Pick your lines around the course by using the potholes, sort of like Nelson. The IOM is the oldest(I think) but there is plenty of other races that pull a large crowd, the North West 200,Ulster Gran Prix, Skerries 100, Kells, Letrim races and a bunch more so no lack of racing there. Now I am thinking about home again..For some of the guys who would like to race the IOM TT there is a ameatur TT called the MANX TT which is run at the end of August. I think you have to have a pro license to get into the IOM TT but I could be wrong since I have never tried to enter it but I will some year be back home and race in the MANX or the TT.
  20. projekt9

    projekt9 der Klugscheißer

    I hear you 256...

    Man, I have two more dreams before I die:
    (Well, racing related anyway...)

    The first is to race at the Isle of Man,
    no matter how slowly I do it - though as long as I could qualify. For me, racing at
    historical places means something special.
    Racing at places where some of the greatest
    all-time racers have turned a wheel makes the experience that much better.
    This is why I will always cherish and reverve my races at Daytona and Bridgehampton. Where not only two-wheeled ledgends have raced and battled, but some of most famous automobile drivers in the sport
    have competed as well. For a hack like me
    to have the opportunity to race where heros
    and ledgends have raced is incredible to me.
    To have done it is simply remarkable.
    I will always feel honored and greatful
    for those facts.
    Now, second dream is to race in the 24 hours
    of Daytona, any class, any car will do.

    But, back to what you were saying, I have a real affinity for road racing, I really didn't know too much about it until 1999
    when I stumbled upon the maxRPM site.
    Great Irish roadracing site.
    The fact that the roots of circuit racing started with roadracing is sometimes, I believe forgotten. It may be only a small breed who 'roadrace' but I do think it will go on for awhile longer.
    Another interesting aspect is that most people don't realise that within the ranks of 'roadracers' there lies some of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time.
    Men with tremendous abilty, who may not shine as well at circuit racing, therefore
    they sometimes do not get the proper credit.
    Vis-a-versa also, I am sure that alot of great circuit riders would not excel on the roads. But, hey I enjoy both to the fullest!
    I also, know that within both disciplines all the riders demand the utmost respect.
    Well here's to TT 2002... [​IMG]

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