Input request for troubleshooting R6 fault code

Discussion in 'Tech' started by tomseviltwin, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. tomseviltwin

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    R6 had begun intermittently showing fault code 60 and I've tried several things but having trouble deciding what to do next.

    Problem showed up this past weekend in the middle of a corner. 1st symptom was sudden loss of throttle response and check engine light. Got the bike pushed to a corner worker and parked it. 5 minutes later session is over and the bike starts just fine and I ride it back to pit. Fuel light comes on so I figured that's all it was.

    Next session same issue occurs (plenty of fuel this time). After I get it back to pit, I cycled the main switch a couple times and it shows a code 60 intermittently. Didn't have my service manual with me but after talking to the track side vendor and doing my own search I found the info pointing to the throttle servo motor. At the track I was able to go through the EVT fuse and some of the harness but didn't find an issue. Packed up and went home.

    Now that I'm home I've been through my service manual and the threads I could find here. I've replaced the EVT fuse completely although it didn't look blown. I will say I found the wrong 15A fuse in that location, so I replaced it with the correct 7.5A fuse (bike is new to me, not claiming that one). I've swapped out the throttle bodies and didn't notice a change (although I haven't run the bike yet with the alternate set, the bike will still throw the code intermittently). I've gone though diagnostic codes 01, 13, 14, and 15 with both TB's. For the original it shows D01: 16/94 (full closed/full open), D13: 16/94, D14: 19/103, D15: 19/103. For the second set, D01: 16/94, D13: 16/94, D14: 17/100, and D15: 17/101. I tried to erase the fault code memory but the code to do that (62) doesn't come up when I cycle through. (It skips from 52 to 70.)

    So now I'm a little out of ideas. I think I'm going to go through the harness more and then if I don't find any issues pick a throttle body and put it all back together. Unless there's still an obvious issue, I'll take it to the track again this weekend and try it, but I'd rather know for sure I've fixed it. Any body seen something like this before?
  2. German Vacca

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    Wow man I been dealing with R6 for the past five years and never encounter anything like this.
    The only one I think right now is Melka, PM him with your problem he may solve the problem.
    Good luck man.
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  3. emry

    emry Can you count? 50 Fucking what?

    What year R6? If your Diag mode skips from 52 to 70 then someone must of seriously fucked up a flash. None the less you are on the right track with the ETV circuit. You also need to check the wires from the ECU to the servo motor. But missing Diag modes, i call bad ECU.

    YCCT Troubleshooting, goes into code 60 towards the end.
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  4. tomseviltwin

    tomseviltwin Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that looks pretty helpful. There's a couple more things I can check later on the harness. I did check resistance from the motor connection to the ecu, I don't have it front of me but I believe both wires read 0.89 on my multi meters kohm setting. I tested a couple other things and it seemed reasonable.

    The intake system is 08+. I'm not sure what exact year the ecu came off. I have to go look. It is flashed. I was starting to think it's the ECU too so it's not just me. I'll be able to borrow a spare later this week to try a different one of those.
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  5. emry

    emry Can you count? 50 Fucking what?

    Additionally I have have seen loose terminals at ECU connectors cause similar random intermittent issues. Although the round terminals used on the R6 are pretty robust compared to other models. But that would only cause the error not the missing Diag Modes.
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  6. triplestrong

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    ECU is "confused". Dollar bet. Get a unmolested one for the proper year model.
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