Impact Safe-T Chest and Back Protector

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    Google them if you don't know who they are. Super comfortable. They are stiff for the first few minutes when you put them on, then after they get warmed up by your body it's like they aren't there. This is the chest protector with the "ab-wing" and the full Colin Edwards model back protector. They don't have sizes, they trace your back when you order them. I'm right at six foot, 170, so I suppose these would be best for someone who wears a suit size of 50-54

    The logos and name etc aren't permanently attached, you can change them to whatever you want as they are just pieces of paper stuck behind those plastic covers. I never took the effort to remove them, but will if you would like me to prior to shipping.

    Retail was 125 on the chest protector and 190 and the back. Let's do the combo for 125. I'm in Portland, Oregon. But we can figure out shipping.

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    Any idea what shipping to 22939 would be? Fishersville, VA...
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    Disregard please... Live-in "CFO" aka the wife gave me the big thumbs down. GLWS.
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    Pm sent
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    All gone!

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