if you wanna make some extra $

Discussion in 'General' started by Phl218, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    on Valentine's Day, hand out those while delivering ...



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  2. Phanuel

    Phanuel Well-Known Member

    I don't get it... what chick is actually paying for a date with a stranger on Valentines?
  3. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    The ones no one else wants to date, either. :crackup:
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  4. FZ1guy

    FZ1guy Hey...watch this

    Who said it is a chic?
  5. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Instagram Pizza Queens maybe?
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  6. StanTheMan

    StanTheMan Well-Known Member

    Do any of those choices earn you Dominoes points for a free pizza? Asking for a friend
  7. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    I wonder if strip clubs do a singles discount on Valentine's day. Ima have to investigate the Cheetah.
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  8. Metalhead

    Metalhead Dong pilot

    The list left off....'Boy made her eyes roll back in her head and her toes curl up while having relations' package. Price 10k.
  9. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    That’d be prostitution. Would you get yourself prostituted?
  10. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    For $10k, I might. :D

    But there’s no way I could live up to that posting. Maybe ‘Boy got himself there in 35 seconds and left her sorely disappointed, but he was happy’ package. 10K :crackup:
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  11. terminus est

    terminus est Be prepared

    Prostitution is illegal, but pornography is not. Make a video to be safe
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  12. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    Mama June before she lost the weight? Shit even before she lost the weight, even she had a husband, lol.
  13. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Proof that some men will f**k anything.
  14. mike-guy

    mike-guy Well-Known Member

    My dad always said guys will stick their dicks in mud if it feels good. He is a wise man I tell ya
  15. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

  16. mike-guy

    mike-guy Well-Known Member

    Well played although I can assure you he meant violating mother nature’s soil box and not checking to see what the girlfriend had for dinner the night before.
  17. KneeDragger_c69

    KneeDragger_c69 Well-Known Member

  18. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.


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