Ideal weight distribution

Discussion in 'Tech' started by beechkingd, Sep 11, 2009.

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    This is just something I've been curious about for a while. I've looked around and not found any real answers to it. What is the ideal static weight bias for a race bike with a rider on board? 50-50, 60-40, 40-60, etc. I know that in Codes book it mentions maintaining a 40-60 weight bias with the throttle in corners, but I'm more interested knowing if there is an ideal static weight ratio.
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    There is probably no ONE ideal ratio, but most bikes from Nippon start life at slightly nose heavy say 52/48 or thereabouts...
    The guys that design them are rumored to do some testing.
    For me, I want the nose as heavy as possible and still allow for straight line stability and rear grip off the corner.

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