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    So if I understand you properly, YOU crashed and burned my beloved Seeley on the starters thus stealing from me the opportunity for me to slide out again between #2 & #3. You so know this is not without consequences, don't you? Roebling will be a come to Jesus meeting for you in 2 weeks.
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    I bring rum
  3. Hate McDead

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    I crashed at T2 at Barber several years ago in the AHRMA Motard race. Honda XR650R, ex-Pikes Peak bike built for and raced by Chris Jones. Somehow I'd found a set of Shinko slicks . . . great price. I spooned 'em on, practiced on 'em . . . everything was going swimmingly. Until Lap 2 of the Motard race. I'm in T2, top of the hill, start heading down toward the dip - right where the track goes from ever-s0-slight positive camber to negative camber. Next thing I know, I'm on the ground sliding. No warning, no hint of anything - just suddenly and completely gone. Then, a guy on a fully built, magnesium-everything Suzuki 500 Gamma runs over me. I mean, he really had no place to go - suddenly there is this 6'-2" guy sprawled all akimbo on the track in front of him. The Suzuki is launched and lands in the grass well down the hill where it promptly catches fire. Race gas, magnesium, fire . . . . That beautiful bike was destroyed. No fire extinguisher at that corner. Really? Me? I lay in the grass for awhile moving and checking pieces and parts out. Other than having been run over by a motorcycle at speed, I was in pretty good fettle. I mean, I'd been in worse shape multiple times on the track and rugby pitch. They loaded me up and wanted to take me to the hospital. No way boys - I'm not up for the inevitable hospital bill. Just deliver me back to my pit. Which they did. The XR650R was already there, and other than a few scrapes, it looked just fine. Things were beginning to really ache, and some kind soul down the way came up with some Oxy or similar pain killer. Don't really know what it was I ingested, don't really care. It worked. Very well. I might have washed it down with a beer . . . . Then, the MSP crew loaded my trailer and Gunny drove me back to ATL.


    1. T2 at Barber is a slow turn and a tricky one in the transition. Go slow thru slow turns, fast in fast turns.

    2. Shinko slicks suck. The price, regardless of how good-appearing, even if free, was too much. Never again. No feel. No warning. With Michelins and Bridgestones, at least they tell you what they are doing, and if you're smart enough and capable, you can usually accommodate whatever is happening. Not so with the Stinko's. They suck. Period. Exclamation point.

    3. There is no substitute for friends looking out for and helping friends at the track. I am and have been most fortunate over the years in having kind folks help me, patch me up, load my stuff, have only a small modicum of fun at my expense when I'm concussed . . . etc.

    4. To 50Joe's point, once you exit T2 and are heading toward the bottom, you can go WFO and hold it over the rise at T3. That is wicked fast and a lot of fun. And challenging to get right as the outside of the track can come up pretty quick over the rise if you're a bit sloppy. But, T2 itself is slower. Now, Roy Chapman went around me once in T2 on his Yamaha 750. Knee on the pavement and givin' 'er the stick. I watched and waited for him to crash. But, he didn't (got lucky I say), and he reminds me of it often. Sometimes the magic works . . . .

    Lookin' forward to racing next week in Savannah.


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    Last October Juan Bulto came flying round the outside of me at T2 on the first lap, I couldn't believe that anyone could go that fast on the line he was on, I suppose the 1:51's he was doing on a 250 Bultaco came from somewhere.
  6. TLR67

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    You guys know there is a flat spot on the inside at the top of 2 there...... Been down there before.. Front just said Bye Bye..... If you get on the gas too much as your suspension unloads at the top your a gonner....
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    Gotta be 1 inch from the paint at the T3 crest of the hill and have the bike pointed in the right direction without seeing where you want to go and have the balls of your feet on the pegs and have your ass mostly off the seat. Then you can remain at WFO and control the bike with the back end and more like an MX bike versus roadracer. Worked for me anyways.
  8. grady anderson

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    Satellite Internet with limited data plan. Free from Midnight to 5:00AM. That is when I watch the videos Papa sends me among other things.
    So you have two Framecrafters 450S? Sweet. Karsten and Randy are good people. Did you buy Karsten's Yamaha 450 or have one built? We talked about him building me a chassis for a 690 KTM. And he has a very interesting YZ250 in one of his frames for sale now. WERA pulling out of the Mid Atlantic probably saved me a lot of money. Throw AHRMA pulling out of here a while ago into that as well.
    And yes I knew you did not have a 7R with a KTM 450 in it. Just a little tongue in cheek about your wording.
    For a moment though it gave me a great image in my mind. Wish I had even a drop of computer talent to make a photoshop image of that.
    I have only raced at Barber for one event, the 2013 WERA GNF. I love the elevation changes on that track. I was loving that turn until some kid named Jovi passed me on the inside on a 250 Kaw. And no I was not out in the marbles. I left him 6 or 7 inches on the inside of me....:eek:
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    Stu -

    I've thought about your post several times . . . .

    I've certainly had my share of crashes over the last 20 years. Try as I might, I can't think of any turn that I've crashed more than once in (I tend to spread them around), and certainly not 3 times in the same place. One would think you'd figure it out.

    So that we can set the stage . . . where have you crashed at Roebling Road?


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  10. sheepofblue

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    Depending on what you mean by 2-3 also. If you are calling the top of the hill 3 then I got nothing but if you are calling the top of the hill 4.... There is a small and short rollout at the entrance of 3 by a few degrees. The racers and "A" group crashes there while the slower people aren't effected by it much. Never noticed it until we could walk the track after the Tornado storms in 2011
  11. Yamaha Fan

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    I have a very nice picture of you, Jack Parker and myself in a nice line heading down turn 2 at Barber
  12. Wheel Bearing

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    I thought I was the only one still left in the world on this shit satellite internet! Hughes net?
  13. TLR67

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    It's the place where I wrecked right in front of you.... You had a video of it..
  14. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Have :timeforabeer:

    But I was figuring he meant the spot where the inside curb starts at 3 which gets a lot of fast people and they are not sure why. A very subtle couple degree shift for about 15-20 right there.
  15. grady anderson

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    Wild Blue/Excede
    Pretty rural
    Cable won't be here in this century

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