I don't understand liberal politics

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by redtailracing, Jan 17, 2020.

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    So I was having this conversation with a friend the other day. I don't understand liberal politics these days. Hear me out. A year or two ago, there was a mass shooting every day according to the MSM. That's all you saw. Another crazed gunman shoots up a crowd and kills multiple people. And while people are all emotionally charged, liberals swoop in to say "see? we need more common sense gun control. No one's coming to take your guns. But we obviously need to make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to get their hands on guns." No surprises, same story, different decade. Whatever. Fast forward to present. Someone feel free to correct me but it seems mass shootings have started to go the way of pit bull and shark attacks. Yea, if something really wild happens, we may hear about it, but otherwise it has died down significantly over the past year or so. Only after it has started to drop from media coverage have liberal politicians gone full Beto and started shouting from the mountain tops "Hell yes we're coming for your guns!" Timing seems strangely bad.

    Then we have Virginia. From what I've read, Bloomberg almost single-handedly put every one of those dems in office with his wallet. This shortly preceding his announcement of his intention to run for President. Now Bloomberg has enough money to buy Trump 10x over. And given the power he holds, I'd say he has a legitimate shot at winning such an election. However, I don't see how Virginia can become anything but a stain on his resume. They are catering to extremists over there, people who are voting democratic no matter what happens. His name being attached to that is not earning him any new votes. If anything, it just scares off the moderates who are generally the deciding factor in elections. Plus what does he have to gain in Virginia?

    Overall, I don't understand the extremism from this party anymore. At least not in its current form. With socialist programs, I at least understood the platform. I highly disagreed with it but I understood how it worked. People at lower income classes love it for obvious reasons and there are plenty of bleeding hearts higher up the food chain to give socialists programs an unfortunate fighting chance in the political world. But in my experience, there are two things in America you don't fuck with unless you are trying to scare off the moderates. Guns and abortion. Sure you can incremental gun control laws that plenty are on board for. Protect the children and all. But they've jumped straight to extremism. Why? Like I said before, this will never earn you more votes, only lose them. And that's in both directions. I truly believe the same who happen if conservatives tried to wipe the NFA and every other form of major gun legislation off the books. But they seem to know better.

    I guess this all boils down to one question. Are they trying to blow it? Surely they can't be that dumb to misjudge their timing as bad as they have. Especially with Trump in office. Let's be honest, Trump is socially fucking inept. His Twitter babblings are laughable and some of the public statements he's made are astounding. From what I've seen, his approval ratings have decreased significantly enough that he wouldn't be a shoo-in for the next election, despite being the incumbent. Except liberals appear to be trying to out-tard him. And they're winning by a mile. I won't even get into the laughing stock that is Pelosi and the impeachment. Someone help me understand here.
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    If you are paying attention to polling about his likelihood of being re-elected you are going to look just like the crowd on election night last time. You will go from joyous to sad fairly quickly. Just because his supporters don't have a camera in their face constantly like the OMB bad folks in no way indicates he is losing support. Virginia will likely be a positive for him if he has to send the military in to keep that local government from being shot on the step of the capital building. Let them keep pushing. Just because they are very vocal does not indicate they are winning the hearts and minds of anyone that was already a left wing loon.
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    Not sad. Maybe slightly surprised if it weren’t for the liberal implosion. But not sad. I am libertarian in more ways than anything else. But I am far more passionate about my conservative leaning views than my liberal leaning ones. Very anti-gun control, pro capitalism and privatization. My liberal views are i don’t care if pot is legal. Pro life/pro choice is too gray for blanket laws. But frankly, I don’t really care that damn much about those. So I ultimately end up voting conservative. And I’d be fine with trump staying in office. Politically I’ve been quite pleased with him. I just think he’s socially inept and kind of a scumbag. But those aren’t the qualities I care about in politics. If they were, I’d probably be a Bernie voter :Puke:. He’s one of the few I think may actually be a decent person in real life. He just also happens to be fucking moronic when it comes to political policy.
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    I hate Trump and have long before any candidacy. As I said just last night in a face to face convo, at least I know what 4 more years of him looks like compared to what's potentially on the table.

    Venom said in the other thread something about national being about the wallet and while that's not my only concern, it's way up there and I don't want to see the dump the market would take if a Bernie or Warren somehow won.

    I also saw something about how Bernie voters may boycott a non socialist candidate...

    It really is a race to the bottom right now.
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    I give the Dems the edge in that race.
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    I'd probably label myself as mostly Libetarian as well with the exception that I know not everything can be about me..me and me. Prochoice for me when it comes to other peoples offspring. I'm tired of hearing about Jesus in politics and as long as you are not trying to skewer me with your wiener I don't give shit about your sexual preferences either. The war on drugs is a waste of time and other peoples money. I don't care about your drug abuse until you become a burden to someone other than yourself. As long as you aren't raping, stealing and murdering to get high I just don't give a shit. Sell it at Walgreens and Wal-Mart for all I care.

    I am a fan of common sense however that seems to be in really fucking short supply in politics.
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    Democrats are totalitarians by a variety of names. For decades they hid this, for some reason they thought they had achieved critical mass once Obama was elected. They no longer hide it is all. But look into the basis of Progressivism and you will find nothing about personal freedom. They are also now supporting Socialism and Communism which are also only about the collect (where of course some animals are more equal). The party has long had a disrespect for life and freedom dating back at least until slavery. It has mutated just has the 'phant party but it has long been about control over YOU.
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    Your all seeing the typical Democrat strategy to get nominated...run waaaaayyyyyy left, get nominated then head back to the center to get elected nationally. You see the people who vote to nominate are usually on the fringe (left and right) so you have to run to the edge to get the nod. the problem is the dems have whipped up the base (ie the really left socialists and super wackos) so much they cant go all the back to the middle. And the middle has been splitting left and right for a while anyway.

    And before you socialist go all crazy...yes the republicans usually run to the right (aka god and no more mexicans) to get the nomination.

    So to the dems the middle is pretty left and the left fringe is way fucking out there. In the middle are the bidens and the betos the left is bernie, warren and the fringe is AOC and her squad types.

    Its a mess.

    me i dont mind cause if the general public elects a way left candidate then the new civil war starts earlier. And my side has most of the military and the guns so no worries. :D
  9. R Acree

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    So many people think they will be part of the more equal. Woke will mean something entirely different when they find out the truth.
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    When you consider that Donald Trump's politics fall to the left of JFK it
    is easy to see that we have swung way too far left.
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    Yep was in Ann Arbor Michigan near University of Michigan once (headed to a book store) with my brother. As we came around the corner both sides of the street were lined with crazies. So we paused for the show (A2 is full of nuts). Well around the corner came the 'parade' of less than a dozen. It was the American Skinhead AND the Leninist Trotisky party joined together. I laughed so hard. First off the people on the sidewalks hating on them were every bit the hazard as the morons marching. Second they were given credibility to a group of morons that had to join two groups to have enough members to carry the banners. Lastly the morons marching likely went to U of M which is pricy. So if they got their wish they likely would have been among the first shot being from rich families. College radical intelligence has not increased from that moment til now.
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    Dude I work in an arbor a few days a month.......people there are off in left field for sure
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    Some of you pious 'oh I'm a libertarain' blah, blah, blah, make me want to puke.
    Those of you cutting down the POTUS- shove it up your posterior caudal orifice.

    All of you together don't have as much power, intelligence, savvy as Donald has in his little finger.
    Even with his money, any of you think for one minute YOU could have done the things HE has done and is doing?

    Do I need to post the PAGES of all the WINNING up in here?

    Oh Don't make me post that up in here! The list is so long, it would freeze the server!

    Get off your holier than thou attitudes, you all aren't that special either, even if your parents told you you were.

    Name 2 things he's totally messed up since he has been in office. OK, 1 thing.
    Then google a right wing site, of ALL THE WINNING he has done.

    'nuff said.

    God Bless 'Merica!
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    You do know there is a difference between liberal and libertarian?
  16. Venom51

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    No you don't but you could use some work on your ability to read and understand the discussion taking place here.
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    There's also a major difference between a liberal, and a prog claiming to be a liberal. They started hijacking the term about 80 years ago ...
  18. Banditracer

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    Big difference, I'm definitely one and definitely not the other. :crackup:
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  20. K51000

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    No shit Sherlock.

    And I forgot to use the term: 'he has more talent in his little finger than'....

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