Hrc kit ecu, clip ons, risers, trex sliders and more Honda stuff

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Powerdabeast, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    Located in Orlando, FL

    2008-2016 cbr1000rr Hrc harness & kit ecu with wheel speed sensor and map switch $700

    48mm woodcraft 1 inch riser clip ons $75 (no bars)

    50mm vortex no rise clip ons $75 (brand new)

    Cbr1000rr 2012+ Trex no cut frame sliders (brand new) $150

    2007-2012 Cbr600rr Oem headlights $50

    2008+ Cbr1000rr Brembo reaR caliper with brake line and new pads $200

    Have more stuff just have to find it will update thread
  2. Eck

    Eck Older, wiser, but still addicted to roadracing

    Looking for adjustable rearsets (vortex, woodcraft, etc) if you have them for 2007+ CBR600RR.
  3. WeekdayWarrior

    WeekdayWarrior I’m slow

  4. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    2008+ Cbr1000rr woodcraft rearsets $150

    2006-2007 cbr1000rr sprocket carrier $50
  5. HMEN

    HMEN Well-Known Member

    can you pm some pictures of the rear brake caliper
  6. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    Dm me your number I’ll text it to you for some reason I can’t upload pics from my phone
  7. RPR

    RPR Member

    interested, can you pm me a pic?
  8. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    What’s your number I can’t send attachments through my phone
  9. WeekdayWarrior

    WeekdayWarrior I’m slow

    Do you have 50mm clipons with a rise? For the Honda.
  10. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    No just the 0 rise
  11. WeekdayWarrior

    WeekdayWarrior I’m slow

    Hrc linkage or anything like that? I think they made a longer or shorter one?
  12. Powerdabeast

    Powerdabeast Active Member

    No don’t have that
  13. WingLeaner

    WingLeaner The Medium Labowski

    PC3 quicshifter?
  14. WeekdayWarrior

    WeekdayWarrior I’m slow

    I guess will just keep throwing darts
  15. Yogi97sk

    Yogi97sk Well-Known Member

    How much for the hrc wire harness?

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