Honda RC45 "HRC" upper, lower and air ducts $600

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    This is the bodywork that came on my RC45 prior to its conversion back to a stock, dual headlight configuration. I've listed "HRC" in quotes because I cannot confirm it to be true: two knowledgeable people have told me that the upper, lower and ducts are HRC, but that is the extent of my knowledge so I invite comments, even if they are critical. I can say that the fiberglass quality is excellent - even better than Sharkskinz - that one headlight hole is integral to the molding, and that the ducts and bodywork definitely go together due to the dimensions of the openings. As for condition: the front two quick release spring rivets have been drilled out of the ducts, (that was my work, sorry...), there is an extra mounting hole in one lower duct, the front point of the lower looks like it took damage when the bike was rolled onto a lift, and there is an exhaust burn hole on one side. All of these things are visible in the photos, along with the just slightly mottled appearance to the windscreen, and other minor imperfections. I was hoping that these parts could be of use to someone as a starting point for molds or to maybe build a race replica. Please remember that the air ducts are sized for a larger race tank. Happy to supply additional photos or measurements. Price is OBO, as I simply have no use for these parts and my garage was stuffed beyond capacity before they arrived. I have a good box from other bodywork for shipping. ***Having difficulty uploading the files. Check out the WERA Classifieds Facebook page for more photos. ***Thanks for your time. JE

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    PM Sent!
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    Bumpisimo! Will throw in a set of graphics from the place in England that everyone on the RC45 Facebook page says is the best. Bodywork guru decided to paint on my "splashes," so I think the only thing missing from the set is the scripts. Also, several people have messaged me saying that this is true "HRC" stuff. Need these things out of my garage. Make me an offer!

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