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    First let me say a big THANKS to all my officials and everyone that always seems to help WERA out in a bind. Now for the bad news. As most of you know our Announcer here in the Southeast Region and his wonderful wife are leaving us. Jay and Michele are moving to Texas, boy will they be missed. SO!!!!! We
    do need some help in the Southeast Region for announcing and also I will need help in Registration. Also I could use help in the Regions up North. In other
    words, WERA NEEDS YOUR HELP.....

    Let me know if you show any interest in any positions, and I will see what we
    can work out. E-mail me or call. THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!! So wake up and come help us out. We are 1 big family and we love to have new people come work with all of us oldies!!!!! :clap::clap:

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    Depending on when, I might be able to help out. BUT don't have your email or phone.
    SO send me a PM and if it's works for both of us I'll help.
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    Russell Masecar should be full time.
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    Can you pull it down for now and email me the text of it - I'll get it to the boss and Emily and if they're good with it then it can go back up. Thanks!

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