Help locating Jeff McDowell in Arizona.

Discussion in 'General' started by SV650R, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. SV650R


    Any of you guys in Arizona can help me locate JEFF McDOWELL...

    I lost his phone number, and I can not seem to get a hold of him... I owe him $50.00 for some machine work done on Motorcycle parts... And, I need my parts... :D

    Jeff was working at Cyclewerks with French at 1900 N. McClintock Dr. Suite #20 Tempe, Arizona 85281

    And he worked at Kelly's Kawasaki at 817 South Country Club Drive Mesa, AZ 85210

  2. kjohnson

    kjohnson Axis

    Best of luck
  3. Nudist

    Nudist Well-Known Member

    Luis, did you get squared up with everyone on SVRider????
  4. SV650R


    Yes Sr., Everything got squared away with everyone, by October last year...

    SV Rider just was NOT happy that I was selling my GSXR CONVERSION KITS and Not paying them $49.00 bucks a month...

    I had my TITANIUM MEMBERSHIP... Then they told me to upgrade so I had my TITANIUM and PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP... Then They wanted me to pay their VENDOR MEMBERSHIP...

    I had 112 transactions with an iTrade of 100% positive, then one guy complain that his kit was delayed, and a second guy complain... Both gave me negative iTrade feedback... Perfect excuse for Moderators to Ban me...

    I was never allowed to respond to the accusations...

    I still sell my kits with Spears Enterprises... and on Ebay... FaceBook... Craigslist... And word of mouth, especially on Europe and Australia...
  5. AZFZDude

    AZFZDude grid filler

    Never heard of him Luis. Have you tried lot of us Phx guys on there.
  6. SV650R


    Thanks man... I posted on SWROADRACING.COM

    I will post on SOUTHWESTRIDES.COM

  7. SupermotoFan

    SupermotoFan deep Clothing Company

    I might have access to a phone number or email for French. Would that help?
  8. SV650R


    I call French... But Jeff apparently does not work there anymore... And French does not now where to contact Jeff...

    And the number I had for Jeff's cell, a lady answered and said "WRONG NUMBER!"
  9. SupermotoFan

    SupermotoFan deep Clothing Company

    Got it. Good luck.

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