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Discussion in 'General' started by MotoGP69, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I think the SOLO DL is a pretty powerful datalogger when connected to a modern ecu. Even the basic model logs accelerometer data, gyroscope, speed and position. I'm amazed at the sensors you can take advantage of on a modern bike for an outlay of $700. Hell, I spent $250 for an AIM external accelerometer for my old XGLOG.

    What year R6 do you have? Available ECU channels that look attractive on the 2017+ model: RPM, speed, gear, throttle position, TC intervention, brake pressure (I wonder if that's only during ABS intervention?). And then of course you have the accelerometers and gyro on the Solo as well. Amazing.

    The next step up is the Mxm which is $1100 which allows additional sensors to be added.

    An AIM rep scolded me once when I told him I was using a Mychron 5 ("that's a kart dash!") on a bike. But, for an older machine, $500 gets you a full dash (same chassis as the $1100 Mxm) and you'll get (and log) RPM, Speed, 1 or 2 temps (T2 models costs more), gear, lap time, gps track and accelerometer data. RPM comes from a wire wrapped around one of the spark plug leads, so I don't think it will work on a modern bike.

    Here's a girl using one on her RS125 in the UK:

    Don't mean to de-rail the thread, but I really love their product lineup for the average "club" guy/gal.
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    2014. I assumed the 17+ bikes would have more available from the ECU with the new electronics. I'd like to have throttle position and brake pressure. For now I have math channels from the accelerometers for brake and acceleration G's in separate graphs, so that'll have to do. It doesn't give me the opportunity to look at stuff like coast time or throttle opening rate, but the little I have is still more than I know what to do with effectively.
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    What I liked most with that type of data on the R1, was showing the time (when and where) spent coasting per lap - and working over sessions to minimize that.

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