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  1. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    I may have missed it posted somewhere.. so ...What will the HP limit be for the 1000s. Will it be higher than last year. How about the rest of the classes 600 750?? All run in 4th gear?. Just making sure. do you need a specific amount of points to enter?? If there is a place to check out the rules and regulations? please let me know.. THANKS
  2. DangerZone

    DangerZone CAUTION!

    well, i looked on and all it had was last years hp and weight stuff. maybe too early yet for this years specs. ??????
    last year the hp limit on 1000 was 175 with weight minimum 380. it's all on the site including the rules and regs from what i could tell. dont know what if any changes there were though.
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  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Too early. Build the bikes to SS specs and you should be fine. Worst case knocking a couple ponies off is easy enough without hurting overall performance.

    Also - DO NOT PUSH THE LIMIT!!!! Remember the weather changes.
  4. Kris87

    Kris87 Friendly Smartass

    whaddya mean? its all about pushing the limit. :D

    no seriously, last year lots of guys had trouble getting under the limit. cool weather and the dyno seemed generous for some reason. i think i had the closest pull last year. after sv qualifying, limit being 79, i pulled 78.89. now thats good. :beer:
  5. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    So just to be sure. THE EM PRO system WILL be legal??? AND they are still using 4th gear. Last year I made 140 (750cc) on my dyno and it pulled 157 on the Dyno there. Good weather and a generous dyno.. We ended up using fishing weights to stop the throttle at 80% and used pump fuel. I just want to be better prepaired. ALSO last question can anyone enter or do you need points in the class..
  6. Kris87

    Kris87 Friendly Smartass

    you must have competed in TWO suzuki cup paying events, and have a minimum of five points.
  7. owndjoo

    owndjoo muthapucka

    are those points the WERA points? or do they pay different points?
  8. Schitzo42

    Schitzo42 dweeb

    They have different points.

  9. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    Ok so I checked everythig out. Thanks a bunch. LOOKS like I will have a 750 and 1000 entered.
  10. skeesm

    skeesm Well-Known Member

    Yep, and the next thing you'll be trying to convince us of is that that thing is actually sleeved down to 600cc so you can run it in Clubman! :Poke:
  11. Kris87

    Kris87 Friendly Smartass

    i don't know if the clubman 600 would get under the cup limit or not. :Poke: :D
  12. Handicapped Racer

    Handicapped Racer Well-Known Member

    175 what we have to detune them now lol!
  13. ahastings

    ahastings Well-Known Member

    157 hp SS legal gsxr 750. See that Sean, that shows that the 1098 Ducati belongs in the 750 class.
  14. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    remember that was a generous dyno and a cold day, What does your 1098 make. I have run some stock ones making around 132 then I ran one with a pipe and it made 138.. The average 750 without motor work is 135 right? I havent done a 1098 with torque What did you get?
  15. BC

    BC Well-Known Member

    :beer: :beer:
  16. ahastings

    ahastings Well-Known Member

    I know about the dyno at the gnf last year, I raced an SV 650 at the Suzuki cup and mine was over by 3 hp initially.
    I don't have a 1098 yet. I am currently racing a 999R. I am thinking about getting a 1098 next year, but don't want to have to run against 180 hp 1000s. You run a lot of bikes on the dyno and do motor work, what do you think. Those numbers above tell me the 1098 should be close in parity with a 750. My 999R is making 145 hp with a full Termi and chip. That is why I think the 1098 should be allowed in the 750 class.
  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep, cuz hp tells everything about how competitive a machine is.... ;)
  18. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    I would need to know what a fully prepped and properly tuned 1098 puts out HP and TQ wise to TRY and give my opinion. BUT the whole package may be the kicker. It does seem close to a 750 power wise but there may be alot left to get out of the beast with some SS mods.
    What is the weight of the 1098 fully prepped?
    I guess over all the rider actually makes the biggest difference. We see 750 battles with 1000s and 600s battle with 750s. With all the recent changes to the modern bikes there may be a need in the future to RE think class structures.
    Take a look at lap times and MPH from all the different classes (front runners) they are not MAJORLY different. a front runner in a 600 class may have better lap times than 5th plce in a 1000 class...

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