FZR400 Race/Track Package

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    FOR SALE - Race/Track package
    (1) FZR400 complete running track/race bake...
    Engine top end rebuilt this spring 2018.
    New 1mm-over piston rings.
    Valves all set to factory specs.
    Carbs completely rebuilt.
    Running "total loss" electrical system for quicker revving & also running a Japanese racing wiring harness.
    New battery.
    New adjustable forks caps installed.
    Only ran her 2 track days this summer.

    (1) Rolling chassis / mock-up bike that has a straight frame and sub-frame... I used it as my mock up bike to test fit parts. Currently has Honda CBR F2 17" wheels on it that I was preparing for the race 400.

    Included in sale is numerous extra parts... almost too much to list...
    Extra wheels/tires, bodywork, cooling system parts, carbs, jet kit carb parts, levers, gas tanks, extra engine parts, a broken 460 engine, crankshafts, "supposed" factory racing transmission, etc.

    Asking $3,500.00

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  2. evakat

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    New year bump and 10% discount.
    New Price = $3,150.00
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  3. evakat

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    Price drop... $3,000
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    Damn good deal wish i could pull tre trigger on this!
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    Cherry Tree, PA 15724
    About 1-1/2 hour east of Pittsburgh, PA.
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