Fun Mini Race at the GNF

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by kevinnolde, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Right now I don't think anyone has engine work more than an intake and exhaust so not too worried about it. I can split it up more or just put the built ones in the 50 class. I'd love to see the CMRA guys who are coming anyway bring theirs.
  2. jwb

    jwb but... I AM NAPOLEAN!!!!

    i know some that have fuel controllers and the like... that stuff makes a noticable difference...
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Eh, it'll be fun either way, plenty of people unmodified.
  4. jwb

    jwb but... I AM NAPOLEAN!!!!

  5. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    there are some wicked 150R's out there. Put a small rider on one, and 95 is by no means out of the question.

    We have 3 or 4 guys with 150's at OMRL. Two are in the stock chassis, and two are in RS chassis, and have built motors. They are loud and awesome.
  6. kevinnolde


    We agree; KX 65s rock Nigel, Kevin has had a blast racing Ryan Andrews and Alan Phillips and the rest of the Groms this year, for my 2 cents there is definitely a need to split the Groms into Modded and Stock to keep it friendly and affordable. I agree with you Mongo, claiming rules don't work but racing with cheaters sucks and just asking them not too sometimes doesn't work. Bummer
  7. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    I'm fat and mine's stock.
  8. trispdtrip

    trispdtrip Poor, Fat, Slow Racer

    How 'bout a Lightweight and Heavyweight Grom Class, for the riders. Lightweight under 200lbs Heavyweight over 200lbs. I like cheeseburgers!

    How many Grominators are coming the GNF? Roll call!
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Good lord people stop it.

    At the GNF there will be a Grom class. One. There is no need to make this complicated or start worrying about who is cheating and who is not.

    It is for fun so go have some fun and stop worrying about silly shit!
  10. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    lol.. i need to get one..
  11. trispdtrip

    trispdtrip Poor, Fat, Slow Racer

    Well does my cheeseburger need to be safety wired to my bike or is that SBK rules. :p
  12. noobinacan

    noobinacan Well-Known Member

    Any idea on how many grom's are gridding up there year?

    hope there are a few to make it fun..
  13. NSR50.. Kitted with 65cc top ends were going a tic under 67mph average at Barber full track. Any kids or big adult kids left racing them there?
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  14. Cam Morehead

    Cam Morehead Husband, Dad, Racer

  15. speedracer170

    speedracer170 Well-Known Member

    I should be there on my Grom, only mods is a Slip-on, airbox mod w/ stock filter, and -1/+3 gearing.
  16. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    Grom here!!! :D And I'm bringing at least 3 more guys with them with me.
  17. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Do I need to bring out my cheating ass cheater XR100 and put all of you Grommets in your place?
  18. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Planning on racing mine at GNF, what needs to be wired other than drain plug and fill cap?
  19. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    I might bring a beat up xr100 for this
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Filter if it's got one.

    Or be smart and wire everything on a normal racebike since it could possibly fall off the Grom too and hurt you...

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