FS: Arai Corsair V Nicky Hayden 4

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    Neighbor's daughter used it for go kart racing.... yeah I know !!
    Size Medium with build date of 09/12.
    Has a few bumps and nicks, with the worst being cracked diffusers back at the spoiler. Apparently the kid carried it a few times with the spoiler. Spoiler works as it should. Diffuser vent tabs work, but front left not as solid of a click as the right one.
    Chin vent has a crack but functions properly
    Other bumps and bruises as in pics.
    Shield is usable, but with nicks and pits directly in eye site on both clear and tinted portions.
    Pinlock insert is installed.
    Neck roll has wear on left side, reportedly from neck restraint device.
    Cheek pads and top liner in good condition and freshly washed. Cheek pads have round black cloth pads from Sena BT device.
    Sena SMH10R included also. Reported to function OK and confirmed to power on and off. but beyond that, I can't tell.
    Blue Arai cloth bag included.

    Asking $365 OBRO shipped to lower 48 states.

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  2. Yama-saurus

    Yama-saurus Bigger..Stronger..Faster

    new price of $335.00 OBO
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    Yama-saurus Bigger..Stronger..Faster

  5. Yama-saurus

    Yama-saurus Bigger..Stronger..Faster

    Still available
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