Fork spring length vs travel length

Discussion in 'Tech' started by beechkingd, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. beechkingd

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    My 05 GSXR 750 had shorter top out springs installed by the previous owner. I need to go up 1 rate and the springs I bought are slightly shorter then what was in there.

    Currently the bike had 5" of travel with 10.5 inch long springs. The new springs are just under 9.9" long and with the higher rate I suspect the fork travel will grow slightly.

    I've always heard that spring length should be double the total travel. Is this going to cause issues for me or is it close enough?
  2. PAzYearazzUP

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    Return the springs and find the stock length. Look, you are stuck with the length of the fork and the leg. You want that proper rake and trail the frame matches or go chase your front end wash all over the place a few inches here, nor there; just makes you a forgiving rider and it sure is not the bike's handling now, is it?

    So, sit the bike back up and gobble up the bumps with a softer, plusher bounce over the hard stuff with the longest length you can get out of the fork assembly.

    I don't give a shit the spring length double your pleasure double your fun with gum; is set the bike up to plush through the crap you ride over and lean into is going to drag sooner is think out your ride height dare, fellear or fall on your face.

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