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Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Bbp, Oct 9, 2018.

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    1992 tz250 4dp1 bike is located in ON Canada. I bought the bike recently, miles on the crank were not clocked(unknown) I would of rebuilt it. I bought the bike with plans to use it as a spare/rain bike, but realizing I don't want to afford the added cost of running 2 tz250's, and have plan to race a 125 also next season, it's just to much $. the bike had been stored by previous owner for many years, I bought it, took it home, took it apart, inspected it. I did get a chance to take it to the track I only did a cpl. Laps on it, the bike ran well. It has original 4dp-00 cylinders, original ignition, as far as I can tell the bike is original. Brand new set of dunlops front and rear. Fairly new clutch and pressure plate, Pistons were changed very often as the bike came with 10 or 12 used Pistons that the guy said had max 2 races on, the bike sat for most of its life.
    Comes with sprocket set, clip ons, manual, right side rear set.
    8500$ U.S.

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  2. parillaguy

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    Rob is a reliable/honest guy (he crashes a bit too often though). Buying his bike will give you no nasty surprises. Parillaguy
  3. Bbp

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    Lol, hey the last was NOT my fault.. I also only seem to crash at your track for some reason?
    Just so eve yone knows it's my other tz250 that I have had the few crashes on this season.
    The bike may be sold , in talks with someone.
  4. gpracer15

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    trade u a 67 Pontiac LeMans for it
  5. Bbp

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    It is sold, thanks for the offer.

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