For Sale Brembo GP4-RR Calipers, Rotors and Master Cylinder Package

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Griz906, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Griz906

    Griz906 Active Member

    Purchased in 2016 - Used for one race season.

    1 x GP4-RR Monoblock Left (Bremb0 part# 40-6-XA9.33.10 ) - $1550 retail

    1 x GP4-RR Monoblock Right (Bremb0 part# 40-6-XA9.33.11) - $1550 retail

    2 x T-Drive HP Kit Disc 320MM (Bremb0 part# 40-2-208.9737.33 - Installed on 2015 Yamaha R1) - $575 each retail

    1 x CNC Brake Master Cylinder 19x18 Long Folding Lever (Brembo part# 40-3-XR0.11.71 ) - $600 retail

    1 x TWM remote adjuster - $100 retail

    1 set of Z04 Brake Pads - $100 retail

    Package price - $4000.00 plus shipping. Retail for a package like this is $5100.00.

    Email or text 303-330-6794 if interested.

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  2. snikwad

    snikwad Well-Known Member

    Has to be a package or will you split it.

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  3. Griz906

    Griz906 Active Member

    I`ll consider it if there is no interest in the package.
  4. S.Krzak

    S.Krzak New Member

    I interested in a price for the calipers if you split up package.
  5. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode

    Interested in the TWM remote adjuster if/when you split this up.

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  6. snikwad

    snikwad Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in the pads, depending on how worn they are.

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  7. Griz906

    Griz906 Active Member

  8. Jake mckeon

    Jake mckeon Member

    Do you have master yet and how much.

    CHOJI_MOTO Active Member

    108mm spacing on the calipers?
  10. MikeyG2323

    MikeyG2323 Well-Known Member

    what bike did they come off is there a certain fitment

    CHOJI_MOTO Active Member

    2015+ Yamaha R1
  12. Yogi97sk

    Yogi97sk Active Member

    I am interested in the MC
  13. califamilia1904

    califamilia1904 Well-Known Member

    Interested in T drives if still available 619.955.2693

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