For sale: 2007 Suzuki Rm85

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by Tyler S, May 10, 2020.

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    2007 RM85 Minimoto - Located in San Diego

    Selling my minimoto. I did about 5 track days at Adams/Apex over the past few months. The head/piston has some custom work done.This bike only runs on 110 leaded. I have been using F&L Racing Fuels SP1. Bike makes a little under 24 horsepower at the wheel. From the previous owners description: "Piston crown is machined down and head is decked. This was done by R&D Racing in Riverside, CA. It is done to change port timing. Rear shock is sprung with the heaviest spring available, optimal for 185-195. Racetech valves in the front and rear. Front lowered 2.5" internally by GP Suspension." All suspension was serviced in the past year. 7 track days on it since. Price is $2,700 firm.

    Start up and running video:


    Brand new PMT Slicks
    250mm EBC front rotor
    RMZ450 front caliper
    Core Moto brake line
    Upgraded front master cylinder
    Boyesen Supercooler water pump
    Vortex programmable ignition with switchable maps
    V-Force3 reeds
    PWK28 carb
    Hand made, dyno tuned R&D pipe with R&D powervalve race spring kit.

    Extras included with sale:
    2.5 gallon gas can with quick fill nozzle
    Gas can with about 3 gallons of 110 leaded
    Mostly full container of Motul 800 2 stroke oil
    Shroud decals from Factory Effex
    Yellow/Black seat cover from Enjoy MFG
    New front brake pads
    Center stand
    Triangle stand
    Extra front fender
    Box of extra parts shown in video
    Extra spring for a ~180lb rider
    Other misc stuff I'm forgetting

    Price is $2,700 firm
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    Forgot to add that the engine has about 15 hours on it at this point. Im not able to edit the main post anymore.
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    Price drop $2500 obo. Pm me offers
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