For Sale: 2004 KTM85SX Chassis w/ 2004 65SX Engine

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    2004 KTM 85SX Chassis w/ 2004 65SX Engine

    The bike is located in Warrenton, VA

    Asking $1,800 obo

    -85SX chassis modded to fit 65SX engine
    -Suspension by Fast Bike Industries- .46 fork springs and 6.0 shock spring, suspension lowered internally
    -KTM Hard Parts 260mm rotor and caliper bracket, two-piston Brembo caliper and 12mm Magura radial master cylinder
    -17x2.50 and 17x3.50 CACR wheels laced to o.e. hubs
    -420 chain conversion
    -Pirelli SC1 Moto3 slicks
    -Renthal 604 Fat Bars (titanium color, not the black bars in the pics) with Scotts raised bar mounts
    -Cycra handguards with sliders
    -Axle and footpeg sliders

    -2004 65SX bottom end
    -Stock 45mm (65cc) cylinder with Vertex piston
    -o.e. KTM crankshaft rebuilt with Pro-X rod kit
    -VHM cylinder head with 2 inserts
    -Vortex 10-map CDI
    -o.e. Honda CR85 PWK28 carburetor with custom intake manifold
    -o.e. 85SX expansion chamber with a 65cc flange welded to the header
    -Shortened FMF 85cc silencer
    -PE billet clutch basket
    -The quickshifter on the bike in the pics is NOT included in the sale

    10.5 hours on bottom end (rebuilt crank, new o.e. crank and transmission bearing), o hours on piston.

    The bike will also come with:
    -Athena 50mm/80cc cylinder, head and new piston
    -47mm/72cc (+2mm overbore) cylinder and head (needs several of the threads Heli-coiled)
    -2000 60SX bottom end
    -Scalvini 85cc cone pipe and 65cc flange (flange would need to be modded/ welded to header to fit)

    3e226ca6-c73e-49c7-b458-444a22e4aaf6-original.jpg IMG_20180706_143340520_HDR Resize.jpg
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    The bike is currently legal for the F1 class (65cc 2T/ 125cc 4T) at Sandy Hook Speedway and United Mini Moto at BWI. It is legal for the F2 class with NJMiniGP, SCMiniGP, SFLMiniGP as it is at 65cc. The F1 class limit with the MiniGP orgs is 63cc.

    IMG_20180706_143153079.jpg IMG_20180706_143322677.jpg IMG_20200110_163839914.jpg IMG_20200110_164452592.jpg IMG_20200110_164657495_HDR.jpg
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    Bike has been sold...

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