For sale 2002 Silverado 1500

Discussion in 'Other' started by RRP, May 18, 2019.

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I have owned this truck since 2010, 2nd owner. I maintained it to the highest level possible in that time period. Honestly, I had intended to continue to keep it/use it but needs have changed. That said, I have spent a lot of time and resource to make this truck a really good tow vehicle in addition to a very solid reliable truck. Here's the details:

    191,XXX MILES
    5.3l LS
    It's had Mobil 1 Synthetic oil and filter, in it since I bought it.
    Yearly transmission service with Shaeffer fluids.
    Yearly brake system service.

    Upgrades from Factory for towing/Service:
    Auxiliary transmission cooler installed
    Texas Speed and Performance Stainless long tube headers combined with their performance reflash. TSP specializes in GM LS motors.
    Air Aid cold intake with KN filter filter charger in OEM air box
    AirLift Air bag set up on rear suspension combined with Gabriel Air Shocks
    Injectors tested and Serviced - Pro Flo Technology (Florida)

    It's had Mobil 1 Synthetic oil and filter, in it since I bought it.
    Yearly transmission service with Shaeffer fluids.
    Yearly brake system service.

    Maintainence/Repairs with last 6 months:
    All new rocker panels, cab corners, and bed fenders and inner wells ($4k parts and labor)
    Front rack is new
    Rear end and pinion gears all new
    rear calipers new
    new front tires (less than 3 thousand miles)
    Rear main seal and oil pan seal new - less than 3 thousand miles

    Within the last 18 months
    New Starter
    New Battery

    I also have a set of nice black OEM GM 20" aluminum rims that I was going to install. I will include if we get close to asking price. Same goes for the topper shown in pics.

    There are likely other things I've forgotten but long and short is this is a very good condition truck and I've done everything I can to keep it nice because I intended to be buried in it. :D

    Listed elsewhere for $9500 - WERA family price $9000. Yes that is negotiable.
    Located in Southern Illinois - 62439.
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    TJ warning: I see your location and wonder what you may know of Bowler and any of their 4L60E work? I’d consider a 4L80E swap, but, just want everything in the electronics to play nice, with no fault lights.

    You’ve cared for your truck the way I have my ‘06 Silverado and I’m planning to be buried in mine, too. I have the 5.3L, higher compression pistons, light headwork, cam and springs, shorties, programming, and a few other minor things.
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    I have a friend who may have interest in this, sent him the link to your ad.
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    I.E. Bowlers - We know the family personally. Wife went to school with them. Super family and great shop. Shop is 1000 yards from my house.

    If I was keeping the truck, I would have them bullet proof the tranny. But time to move on.

    This is a great truck for someone wanting to tow up to 20' rig.
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    NOTE - possible I could arrange delivery to Barber or VMD. Also Indy is 2 hours - STL about the same so Fly n Drive is doable. Summer vacation starts in 4 days so I'm pretty flexible to help with delivery. In addition, we are going to Gulf Shores in 3 weeks and could arrange link up from Evansville IN to the Gulf. I69 /I24/I65.

    Also - truck has Pioneer head unit and speakers with blue tooth. SSL subwoofer setup I intend to keep for next truck.

    New in the box OEM style fender flares available too. Was going to mount when 20" rims installed.

    Feel free to PM for contact info.

    I will take TLR racebikes as partial trade :D.

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  7. RRP

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    Well, I thought I had this sold, but back up to the top.

    Offers considered and I’m looking to deal.

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