For Sale 1999 Ducati 750SS with 2008 800cc Engine

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Ken Gresham, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Ken Gresham

    Ken Gresham Active Member

    I have a 1999 Ducati 750SS with a 2008 800cc engine for sale. Won the 2014 D Superstock GNF final with this bike.

    Have extras:
    Upper and lower fairing
    Extra set of wheels
    Rear swing arm
    Fairing Stay
    Extras are negotiable

    Also have every part necessary to put the bike on the street:
    Turn signals

    I can email or text any pictures you would like.
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  2. Ken Gresham

    Ken Gresham Active Member

    Are you interested?
  3. VooDoo Pistons

    VooDoo Pistons New Member

    PM sent.

  4. Steezy Geezy

    Steezy Geezy New Member

    Sent you a message.
  5. dmark0914

    dmark0914 New Member

    I’m interested if it’s still available. 412-780-928 0

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  6. Ken Gresham

    Ken Gresham Active Member

    Still available. It is in Acworth GA.
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  7. Buell1965

    Buell1965 Well-Known Member

    Hard to believe someone hasn't scooped this up , the air cooled ducs are a hoot to race and this one is set up nicely and at 2500 wow

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