February BT-016 Sale - $215 shipped!

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    Its been sooo long since we did a tire sale like this, but from now through
    the end of February we have Bridgestone BT-016's on sale for only $215


    This is one of the most versatile tires on the market, because they feature
    a triple compound rear, and dual front.

    Hard Center - makes them more durable for commuting and distance

    Medium Sides - Allows for stickier rubber for more grip as you lean
    the bike.

    Softer Edges - Give you reliable traction for spirited riding through
    the canyons and enough grip for a beginner to intermediate trackday rider.

    Most people that try these get them again when its time for a new set.

    A deal like this won't come along very often, so if you need a set, or even
    just want to stash a spare set for when you need it, now is the time!!!

    Oh and we also include a Bridgestone sticker sheet with every order!

    Please go
    HERE to get your BT-016's. We also have the individual fronts or
    rears a low discount pricing this month.

    Here is a cool vid on them:




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