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Discussion in 'General' started by Lever, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Lever

    Lever Well-Known Member

    As i sit on my ars and watch tv all day, i notice a trend...a politically correct theme running amoungst most commercials...that being...women are always right, and men are always wrong (parallels made to real life are pure chance)...whenever their is an idiot role to play, it is played by a man, usually being corrected in the end by a woman...or scenario three, the woman "enlightens" the man of some new ingenious product because the guy was obviously too dumb to figure it out...that being said...with the success of favorite movie quotes thread...figured i'd open the floor to everyones favorite commercials...women bashing, men bashing, comical, serious, etc...anything goes...with my recent bias being developed against the men hating hollywood producers out there...i'm going to have to go with this one

    Numero Uno - Bacardi guys #1 when they can't remember the chicks name

    Numero Dos (that's #2 Tom :D) - Bacardi guys #2 with all the chicks in the hot tub...
  2. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    Budweiser commercial with the truck turning into a Porsche GTP car, with the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" playing in the back ground.

    "That was cool, but how do we get the truck back?"

    "put it in reverse"
  3. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    Have to be the Wendy's commercial

    Where's the beef ? :D
  4. Lever

    Lever Well-Known Member

    and who can forget the ever popular bbs cliche' "but i did stay at a holiday inn"
  5. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    The salmon commercial where the dood fights the bear for the fish.

    The Bridgestone with the dogs.

    I watch national TV (non-cable)... whatever you call it... and it was all about selling the drugs. You need this drug to help with your acne...you are not alone, others also need this drug. Ask your doctor about this drug. Side effect may include impotence, lack of sleep, dry mouth, death, dizziness, tummy aches, blindness, bad breath, lack of focus, BBS addiction, hair loss, toe fungus, goiters, boils, distemper, and stinky armpits.

  6. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    Go to Harvey's Fun Page. Click on the "Fun With Kitty" and "The Best Beer Commercial Ever" files. You be the judge.
  7. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    I glad none of my crashes were like the movie "Akira Yanagawa Crashes and Burns". :eek:
  8. Schitzo42

    Schitzo42 dweeb

    Man I forgot about that commercial. That was a great one, and boy do I miss the GTP cars. Although it was a Jaguar and not a Porsche. I think it was the XJR-12 (aka the Formula One car with Fenders) that Tom Walkinshaw ran here in the states and had the track record up at Road Atl. in the old config with gravity cavity and wheelie or prototype car flipping hill.
  9. puresportsdesigns

    puresportsdesigns Yea, I guess

    I love the 'blew the start' video!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GOOCH

    GOOCH Invisible Bully

    I have to agree with you on the Bacardi guy commercials. The one that gets me is the lady with the stain on her dress and they tell her a little club soda will get that out. She gets HOSED down with club soda until her clothes are almost see through. After she thanks them and walks away you hear some lady in the background say, "I'm dirty too!" One of the guys responds by saying, "Who's dirty!" Classic

    The other is the video game commercials with the comedian Tracy Morgan(from saturday night live). "Big Benny Wallace!!!"
  11. ZebProctor1

    ZebProctor1 Well-Known Member

    Go to the P&R section to read all about the "pussification" of men... :Puke:
  12. wera176

    wera176 Well-Known Member

    I like twins! :beer:

    One of my favorite comercials was for the Dodge Mini-vans of all things:

    Guy is washing his mini-van, neighbor walks up to him
    Neighbor: Hey! Wanna switch?

    The guy's eyes get big, and he glances at the neighbor's wife (who is HOT). Notice there is a mini-van in their drive too.

    Guy: What about your kids?
    Neighbor: Ah, they're into it to!

    Classic! It only ran for a week or so before being yanked. Wonder why?

    I saw one last night that was pretty clever for the hemi-Durangos. Couple is at their councelor complaining about their differences. In her version, the "vision" is they are on the way to a picnic and the dude is all "preppy" with a pink sweater around his neck and just following her around doing her bidding. In his version, she is dressed like a MTV hoe and worshipping and rubbing on him as they go to the beach. The Dr says they are driving different vehicles.

    I also think the "arm-chair" quarterback one with Brent Favre... Pretty cool...
  13. Booger Van der Jackass

    Booger Van der Jackass Well-Known Member

    The "office linebacker" still slays me!
  14. Joss

    Joss F3 Dabbler

    There is a new about... Bud Lite?... that has half a city of people getting knocked down... like lined up dominos. Must be 500 people in it. Verrry clever. :clap: :clap:
  15. packfan

    packfan El Presidente

    your towing an anchor
    a jr. investment banker
    that talks about herself and not much more...ohh hooo....

    So buy her a beer
    thats the reason your here...


    Who can sing along?
  16. JoeB

    JoeB Well-Known Member

    I don't remember what the ad is selling, but two guys are talking, and one asks the other, "what about motorcycles?" the reply is,
    " no, too dangerous," "hang gliding?" again, "too dangerous", etc.
    As the camera zooms out the two of them are hanging on the side of a cliff.
  17. chaplain

    chaplain MRO pulpit jockey

    fave commericals

    Remember the Budweiser commercial from 2002 Super Bowl?.....
    "Howyadoin?"......."I'm just Fine!!! Just got into town. My brother-in-law picked me up. Friendly town you got here!"
  18. Day One

    Day One Well-Known Member

  19. Booger Van der Jackass

    Booger Van der Jackass Well-Known Member

    Mighty Wingman! How could I forget?
    You're takin' one for the team
    So your buddy can live the dream.... That skit rules.
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  20. wera176

    wera176 Well-Known Member

    :clap: :beer:

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