F2 F3 visual external engine differences

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by beechkingd, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. beechkingd

    beechkingd Well-Known Member

    What's the easiest way to tell the difference between an F2 and F3 engine if they are sitting side by side? Are there any differences in the case at all that are obvious?
  2. duck62

    duck62 V7 Scooter

    If you look below the head and carbs on the block, a F3 will have a thick wire for the speed sensor. The F2 does not have it. Ic ould be snipped of so look closely.
  3. kneedragger29

    kneedragger29 Well-Known Member

    Also, engine #'s on the F3 start with a 240.
    F2 & is 230 & prior.
  4. kjohnson

    kjohnson Axis

    F3 cylinder head is a brighter aluminum silver than the F2.The F2 cylinder head's shade of silver is identical to the cases.Don't even have to drop it out of the bike to tell.

    F3 #s on the cases start with PC25E-24++++++
  5. beechkingd

    beechkingd Well-Known Member

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