Exhaust system legality for WERA

Discussion in 'Tech' started by gripfreak89, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. gripfreak89

    gripfreak89 Well-Known Member

    Just a quick question. I have a 2000 r6 and would like to convert the exhaust system into a moto-gp style exhaust that comes in the newer r6's (low, by the rearset exit). Can I have a custom-made exhaust of this sort under WERA's C Superstock rule?
    The Rulebook only says that I can replace the stock system with an aftermarket, so I'm not clear on this.
  2. ScottyRock155

    ScottyRock155 A T-Rex going RAWR!

    As long as it passes the db rating you are good.
  3. synolimit

    synolimit Well-Known Member

    well anything is "aftermarket" i have a short GP on my zx6r, i need to run to radio shack and spend $50 on a db meter to see if its legal. its a can for an R6 but that can goes with the stock cat (mines removed) the full systems the cans are much longer. fingers crossed!!! i cant do anything about it now. only plus is the mid pipe is real long
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  4. synolimit

    synolimit Well-Known Member

    ok went to radio shack and got a DB meter. at 48 inches and 45 degree angle like the rule book said, at 1/2 throttle im at 105 maybe 106 like 100 rpm difference!!!! rule book is 105db. do they really check and really stricked????anyone??
  5. JBall

    JBall REALLY senior member

    Yeah, they do check once in a while. There is more sensitivity to noise at some tracks than others. Depends on if there has been complaints from the locals. I seem to remember issues at Jennings GP for one.
  6. synolimit

    synolimit Well-Known Member

    well i wont be there but id be screwed if i was
  7. gripfreak89

    gripfreak89 Well-Known Member

    Sweet, I can carry on my new exhaust plans...
  8. synolimit

    synolimit Well-Known Member

    well u can do the exhaust but ur not worried about the noise part? ill attach a pic of mine and since im at 105db (the max) you can see how long my mid pipe is and can. if yours is shorter u may run into trouble with the noise.

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