Excess Medical Policy that WERA provides at every event

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  1. bp@RiderSurance.com

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    I have posted on my site the Outline of WERA's Excess Medical Policy that they purchased for every event for every WERA racer. That policy is underwriten by the Chubb Group. Also shown is the documents step by step I filed with the claims administrator to show you guys and example of what it takes and how easy and simple it is to file a claim if you are injured while racing.

    Go to Step 3 to see the Example
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  2. Lawn Dart

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    You rock! :up: :clap:

    My latest mishap has me thinking more seriously about my insurance and stuff...

    Thanks for posting up this information for us - I now have your website bookmarked while I'm researching my options.
  3. olgoodf3

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    WOW great post. My insurance covers motorcycle racing, but I have a high deductable, and its great to know that another policy may cover the majority of that.

    I think maybe I will just try not to get injured though
  4. chillydogg

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    Great info. Thanks Brandon!
  5. bp@RiderSurance.com

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    Well give me a shout sometime next week and I can help give some advice, i am licensed in Va. 502.253.6747
    good idea :beer:

    No problem:up:

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