Every farmers knows low yields are a result of systemic racism.

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    I'm also suspect if any company would be stupid enough to try to take advantage of any group by doing something like they're suggesting.....I mean think about it, if the company notices that they have a bad batch of seeds wouldn't it make more sense to mix it in with the good batches to avoid the GUARANTEED meltdown of whatevercolor farmers being sold the lot of 100% bad batch of seeds???

    If Mike is right that there is no proof needed, then I can see why this is happening, it's another free government money grab......and I'd be totally shocked if Barry set that up. :rolleyes:
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    Do you need to order seed direct from Stine though? A quick google search indicates this may not be the first time someone has claimed fraud from a dealer selling Stine seeds. This is not my proof or backing up what I speculated in my first post, just me trying to understand more of how seeds are sold especially in this genetic intellectual property rights era.

    "My friend caught the dealer swapping out seed tags on soybean minibulks. He bought and paid for a 2.8 bean, but the dealer was trying to deliver a 2.4 bean with zeroxed 2.8 tags untill he was caught red-handed. You can tell they are fakes, you can see lines from the copy process and he didn't copy the back of the tag that has all the disclaimers on it like the real tags. "

    "So far its pretty clear that the dealer and the DSM are involved. The Ohio Dept of Ag is investigating and sounds like they have enough to prosecute. Email me if you want more information."
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    I don’t think there is any question that this has happened in the past and likely will happen again by dishonest seed dealers.

    Independent seed dealers operate separately from Stine Seed or any seed manufacturer for that matter. It’s not uncommon for a local farmer to take on being the local seed dealer for whatever seed company/brand they themselves are planting. But they are independent contractors acting on their own. Stine or any other seed manufacturer, for that matter can only do so much. I have no doubt that Stine had no idea -if in fact seeds were switched- that seeds were switched until after the lawsuits were filed.

    Think along the lines of a car dealership selling Chevys. If a car dealership misrepresents an auto in the course of selling it to a consumer. How is this GMs fault? How is GM responsible? Other then taking corrective action against the dealership in question, after the fact. Try suing GM because a dealer misreprented an auto they sold to you.

    Another issue is who maintained possession of these seeds that were tested? How do we know these were even the same seeds, from the same transaction, from the same lot of seeds?

    Alot of variables impact yield results. Doing a simple germination test does nothing but tell you if those seeds germinated or not. You can take these seeds and determine exactly, with out doubt, if they are the same seeds as represented and sold. So this also should be determined.

    How is Stine Seed responsible. I’m positive Stine would have no problem providing seed to them at no cost to make good on this situation. I’m also sure they are not going to willingly pay any damage claims that are currently in court.
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    No no, I'm sure Mr Stine would have no problem jeopardizing the successful business he has spent his life building so he could hassle some black farmers he doesn't know. It all makes such diabolical sense.
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    He’s a billionaire and still lives in his parents original farm stead. He built his business ground up from his Dads grain cleaning business. No way he would actively screw anyone over $100,000 or less worth of seed. In all honesty money has never been his driving force and he shows it.

    Long time employees are often rewarded for their service with 5-10acres of land and a nice house built for them. I have several classmates that work for him and they all have nothing but favorable comments, same with the local community. This story goes against everything that he and his company represent.
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    Love stories like these, sounds like that family had good old fashioned sensibilities instilled in them from early on.....shame it's a dying quality. Some people (NOT RD400) DESPISE his kind of success and drive, we should all be taking notes!
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    Half my family is made up of black farmers. And we got fucked at every turn in comparison to white farmers. Still waiting on the payout/reparation whatever horseshit white folks are shouting about. We haven't seen a dime.
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    How so?
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    Sorry to hear that, can ya share some examples? Who were they F'ed by?
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    I think Steel is going back a ways given he's talking about reparations.
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    And the rest are white showfolk?
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    I am interested in addressing cases of direct, quantifiable harm to blood family members.

    However, if by family, a person means pigmentation commonality, then no, no discussion needed.
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    You have to apply if you want the money.
    Info here: https://www.outreach.usda.gov/settlements.htm

    And if anyone is interested in the whole story behind the Pigford II settlement, a classic example of the sue and settle policies of the Obama Administration, it's a long read but very comprehensive.


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