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    HOLLYWOODPETE Well-Known Member

    :confused:Getting ready to install woodcraft engine covers on my 2006 gsxr1000 and wondering if there's anything special i need to know. Look's like a pretty straight foward job. Thank's
  2. metricdevilmoto

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    Watch for the exploding snakes when you take the left side case cover off.

    It's an easy job. I've seen/heard the magnets on the stator side giving first-timers a hard time, but if you take your time with it, it'll be simple.
  3. bigjoker247

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    remember to soak your gaskets.
  4. HondaGalToo

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    on the '06-'07 gix 600s, there's a screw hiding behind the idle gear cover. Had to take that out first, don't know if the 1000 is the same, but something to check. After I figured out there was another screw I'd missed, it came off easily! :rolleyes:
  5. gixxersmitty

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    Also, be sure to red loctite the screws for the slider plates. I installed one on my 01 Gsx-R and had to take it all back apart just to loctite the screws.

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  7. Fairchild

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    Being the anal type, I clean the male and female threads with brake cleaner to remove any machine oil residue, then the red loctite.

    No likey metal getting loose inside the motor (or oil leaks).
  8. doodooman

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    does the oil have to be drained before removing the cover?

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