Easiest way to clean rear wheel

Discussion in 'General' started by kyle carver, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. zrx12man

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    What, no old school mechanik types here?
    1: bike on rear stand
    2: start bike
    3: bike in gear (3rd if yer not a pussy)
    4: get old Molly Hatchet shirt wet with wd40 or some shit
    5: put rag on moving rim
    6: fish rag out of sprocket to use as a tourniquet
    6: holler at the ol lady to warm up the truck and take you to the hospital
  2. Photo

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    I have been using shout laundry stain remover for years to clean motorcycle rims.
  3. damiankelly

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    I put a brass wire wheel on my cordless to clean up a kids bike rims with rust and it worked so well I polished all the metal bits...works great. Apply a Silicone coating keeps the dirt from sticking ..they stopped selling the stuff I liked the 3in1 aerosol silicone spray—
    My 2 cents
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  5. opinion914

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    Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner. Works very well and doesn't kill bunnies.

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  7. glass

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    Lestoil works incredible

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