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Discussion in 'General' started by beechkingd, Sep 16, 2020.

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    I'm looking for a flexible/cheap way to use my three lengthwise floor mounted E-tracks in my 24ft trailer to haul bikes. I'm already setup for a couple of race bikes with Baxley chocks, but when I take my kids riding I need to tie down five dirt bikes and a three wheeler. Three 50's, 85/105, a 125 and a 200x. I've just been strapping them down, but would prefer to have the front wheel more secure in a chock. The cheaper options I see mount a chock in between the lengthwise rails I have on short pieces of e-track. Since the size of the bikes is going to gradually increase over the years, I'd rather not permanently mount anything in the middle that will not fit later. I'm looking for something that would let me attach a normal type chock to the lengthwise rails and be movable.
    I've thought of just attaching some cheap hoop chocks to pieces of 3/16 steel with some slots so I could fabricate something that would drop in the track and hold the position. It seems like what I'm looking for would be readily available but I just don't see anything that would let me attach a chock the way I want to. Ideas?
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    I have one I made (not here or I would get a picture) Basically I welded to track ends on a metal bar. The bar has two nuts welded to it. I put that in place then on top I have a wood base. The wood base is two runners with a wood board straddling them, I bolt a pit-bull to the base through it. The down is that you have to unbolt it as you cannot rotate the e-track clips in when put together. Probably overly complex but they work. My only comment would be don't use hardwood like I did, use plywood (at least for the platform.
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    Get the beam socket e-track, drop a 2x6 on it and mount the chocks to it.


    Or get one of the bolt down ones and throw some steel angle on it.

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    This is exactly what I need, hadn't seen them until you posted this. Thanks
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    This would seem to fit the build. Cheap... $29.99CND yup... Canadian, so about $2USD lolll

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