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Discussion in 'Tech' started by fastedyamaha, May 26, 2018.

  1. fastedyamaha

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    Does it matter which end of the shift rod you place the sensor? Also, once the sensor is plugged into the PC3, is it good to go or is it supposed to be programmed? Thanks!
  2. RM Racing

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    Technically, no. The wire comes out of the top of the switch. Typically you want to secure this wire to the lever that attaches to the shift linkage at the gearbox with a zip tie, leaving some slack for movement, so it's best to have the top of the switch attached to the engine side. The switch will use the default settings in the PC. Sometimes these may be too long or too short and need some fine tuning. You sometimes need to change voltage from a NO to a NC sensor or vice versa. In most cases it bolts on and works fine.
  3. regularguy

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    PC3 needs the QS software mini disc to be enabled. When you plug in to your laptop click on your pc tools, if you don't see qs on your drop down, it needs the software from the disc. PCV is pretty much plug and play

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