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Discussion in 'General' started by Gorilla George, Sep 14, 2013.

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    I had a Siberian Husky when I was a kid. Dog was well cared for, well fed and wasnt a kennel dog. Amazing family/kid dog. No matter what we couldnt get the wander lust out of him. He would take off for days in the winter and come back bloody. We lived in a town of 300 at the base of a mountain so it wasnt a huge deal until fish and game shot him. He was killing deer.

    Had a wolf hybrid 15 years ago. She was awesome but had the same problem with wandering. There wasnt a kennel or fence that could hold her in.

    Cool dogs but I couldnt deal with the liability of having one.
  2. Cajun Kid

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    Fast Doggie!

    The long haired Afghan Pit Bull. ;)

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  4. ryoung57

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  5. For the record, the only time we disagree on anything is when you're wrong. Other than that, we always agree. :D
  6. RevRacing

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    My god. That Doberman.
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    Tibetan mastiff:

  8. ryoung57

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    Also known as "bowel evacuation device".
  9. Hammer 4

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    dayum, that thing looks like mad charging buffalo with Toofs...:D
  10. I LOVE those Tibetan Mastiffs!

    I have wanted one for a while. The thing is, they are very tempermental and aren't the best with kids and strangers. I cant have something that i will be nervous walking around the paddock with.

    They are so awesome as puppies!
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    Jesus Christ, is that real:wow:
  12. Yeah. I have seen that picture before. I even remember reading the story behind it and IIRC, that dog is actually chasing something in a playful manner. They just snapped the camera at the wrong time.

    It is one of those sensationalist pictures people put on the internet to try to back their feelings/agenda when it comes to particular dogs. Most of the time, the picture doesnt tell the whole story.
  13. This is the same dog (same breed). When raised right, they are supposed to be really cool dogs. Just not the best with strangers (only because they are protective of their family).

  14. Haha. Look at these big ole feet. I want to jump on top of it, grab that big ole head and wrestle with it and shit. :D

  15. isn't that what they shaved into a lion in china?

    i love dogs and whoever said they love dogs more than people, i whole heartily agree.
  16. Mr Sunshine

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    All I can think of is down south that dog would be hating life from the heat.
  17. That was me. :)

    Not necessarily. Caesar stays inside all the time. I walk him in the morning before it gets hot, and again in the evening after it cools off. During the day, we just play on the couch and stuff. When we run errands, i keep the windows up and the A/C on. When i have to go inside stores he cant go in, i leave the truck/AC running and lock the doors and take the door thing with me.

    But i agree in that somebody shouldnt get a dog like that, then leave him chained up outside all summer. He would be miserable.
  18. panthercity

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    When I take Nikki with me, I don't bother to lock the doors...

  19. Mr Sunshine

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    Yeah I have two Shelties which have long coats. During the summer here they hate it...even though it is only in the 70/80's. But we don't have A/C in the house so that makes a difference. (well we do have a room a/c for our master...and I would add a/c to this house if it wasn't that I'd need to first spend a bunch of money tighting up the place first)

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