Does helmet Still need to be Snell certified or is ECE ok?

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by Trevor636, Nov 13, 2017 at 5:26 PM.

  1. Trevor636

    Trevor636 Well-Known Member

    Looking at buying a new helmet and found a killer looking one made by LS2 but it only lists DOT and ECE certification. Can it be used on the track to race wera with?
  2. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    According to the gospel (aka Rulebook)

    11. Riders clothing and protective requirements:

    a) All WERA competitors must wear helmets which have a Snell ’00 thru ‘15 approval sticker, or must be BSI or EC approved and must be in good condition (as determined by Tech) and not manufactured more than 5 years prior to the date of the event.. Helmets must be taken to Technical Inspection and must display a WERA Helmet Tech decal prior to being allowed on the track. Open-faced, modular, and dirt bike helmets are not allowed.

    Be sure to check the manufacture date!!!!!
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  3. Trevor636

    Trevor636 Well-Known Member

    Ok so it does say ec approved i guess the means ECE will work. Ya im ordering it brand new from sportbike track gear.
  4. tawzx12r

    tawzx12r Well-Known Member

    Better call ahead and check the born on date....
  5. Dave675

    Dave675 Well-Known Member

    Don't be afraid to hit up TJ at riders discount, either. I have got a couple really good deals on helmets with a fresh date on them.
  6. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Draik Beauchamp is sponsored by LS2 and wore them all last season in Moto America and some WERA stuff, I would think you are fine.

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