Death at STT track day

Discussion in 'General' started by L8 Braker, Aug 10, 2018.

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    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    horrible. saw the FB post some friends had made.. didn't know her, but saw the photos of her family. 5 kids.. sad.
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    Very sad, indeed. Prayers to her family and friends.
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    So sad to hear. I don’t see how This happens as often as it does at a trackday situation. Multiple bike incident?

    Do these types accidents occur more in novice groups who are a little less experienced or in fast groups where people are really trying to haul ass?

    I know you can’t prevent everything, but if we had the data on how these were occurring most often, maybe some
    Type of change could be implemented to prevent them.

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  6. TLR67

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    It can happen in any group.. anytime.. any turn... any track... track day or race..

    Accept the risk or find another hobby....

    I heard the news at Road Atlanta last weekend... very sad.. Prayers to all her family and those that knew her...
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  7. One person crashes, next bike hits them. It happens sometimes.

    They already do as much as they can with requiring proper safety gear, trying to keep riders of similar speed grouped together, having Coaches on track riding within the group, etc.

    But sometimes bad things just happen. Not every accident can be avoided.

    The Advanced group is the safest group. It is made up of racers, or people who have been on the track a long time and can ride well. It is the fastest group, but the safest.

    So sad to hear about this. :(

  8. Sabre699

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    Unfortunate. RIP rider.
  9. Wingnut

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    Very sad to see this, especially because it's a mother of young kids.
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  10. Ra.Ge. Raptor

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    it can happen everywhere,anytime. but I would avoid a crowded ,intermediate track day group,if I had the option to.
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    The morning novice sessions with STT are at most a spirited street ride pace to learn the track and begin gathering visual references. This was an incredibly sad day and its hard to fathom the loss to that family.
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    A tragedy for sure.
    Ride in Heaven
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    Rest in peace. Condolences to her family.
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  16. Mongo

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    The people running races and a number of those running track days do keep track and do make changes when warranted. We don't talk about it publicly as there is nothing to be gained by adding to the misery of family and friends.

    FWIW - the overwhelming vast majority of incidents results in serious injury/paralysis/death are impact to the ground or the riders own bike followed by other bikes rather than impact with trackside objects or walls or the like. No way to avoid most of them. We still all talk to each other about it and I'll get more info on this incident next week sadly.
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    it simply is quite unfortunate. As Sean said so many orgs / racing and track days talk about how they can make things better. When big incidents happen, we are all out to make things better/ safer for all. It's sad that some she has lost her life , though it is the nature of our sport.. it's dangerous no matter what pace you are running.

    best wishes for all involved, the riders family and all personnel that were impacted
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  18. Ducti89

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    RIP. All too often i hear conversations in passing saying how expensive good gear is and they opt to get something cheaper. Im not saying the best gear could have avoided this but i can say that if youre able to control and secure all safety advantages before the incident, the cost is well worth it. Trust me.
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    Well I think it sad however the fact that a mother of 5 was out there doing what she loved was awesome. I bet she was badass. RIP.
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    I hate these threads :( RIP Angela.

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