Crf150R vs 85 /105

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by Ducracer66, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Ducracer66

    Ducracer66 Active Member

    what’s the best way to go . Honda Crf150R vs a 85 with a 105 kit on small wheel.
  2. Toadmeister00

    Toadmeister00 Well-Known Member

    I fought the good fight with a KTM 105 for several years before picking up a 150R. I'm a huge 2-stroke fan but the R is just an easier platform to go faster on for me. The 105 is lighter and feels like it makes more peak power, but the long power curve of the 150R is hard to beat.

    If you're going racing and want to win races, I would probably pick the R. If you just want something inexpensive and fun to rip around on, a CR is hard to beat.

    I also had a 110cc CR85 that was a very fast motorcycle, but very peaky without a power valve. I absolutely love the CR85s, they are cheap to build and run and just all around awesome bikes.

    If you go with a CR, the 52mm bores are problematic with blowing head gaskets. There just isn't much material left between the cylinder head studs and the bore. I would probably stick to either a 49.5 or 50.5mm bore (stock is 47.5).
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  3. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    150r or the Ohvale ! :D
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  4. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    150R is your weapon of choice for the rugby scrum that is mini racing on a kart track. The only must have mod is an upgraded front brake. I used the oversized kit from Motostuff.
    Reason: mini racing is about being able to block, stuff, point, shoot. Well, around here it is anyhow lol.
    But for sheer pleasure (think practice day where you're not scrapping for position) nothing (this includes my big bikes) can touch my YZ85. Also ran it at Barber with 17" rims and slicks,
    Athena jug/rod/crank. Tons of fun fo shizzle.
  5. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Interesting breakdown. I like it! I'm currently building a 2013 150R for my first season of mini racing. Will keep you all updated!

    I didn't consider a YZ85 :/. Separately I couldn't find any clean CR85s in my area.

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  6. Toadmeister00

    Toadmeister00 Well-Known Member

    You made a good choice. What all are you doing for your build? Are you going with 12s or 17s?
  7. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Nothing too special. 12" gatorrimz, suspension rebuild and set up, rebuild carb (my own fault here), full pipe, and some stickers.
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  8. Toadmeister00

    Toadmeister00 Well-Known Member

    If you don't already have the pipe, I wouldn't even bother as there's not much to gain from the exhaust. For less money than a good full system you could do a piston and cam and that would give you much better results.
  9. sharky nrk

    sharky nrk Rubber Side Up

    Interesting comments. Do you run 17s or 12s on the 150R? And on the 85? Looks like you said "also ran" on 17s. Between the two, given a clear track which is faster?
  10. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Already purchased the pipe.
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  11. Toadmeister00

    Toadmeister00 Well-Known Member

    Gotcha. Which pipe?
  12. 2wheeldev

    2wheeldev Well-Known Member

    Fmf. Super fancy lol
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  13. punchsponge

    punchsponge Well-Known Member

    This is an awesome question. I have run both a YZ85 in a RS125 NF4 chassis and a CRF150R in a RS125 NX4 chassis. What I can tell you is that, thus far, I turned faster lap times on the YZ85, but that the CRF150 is WAY easier to ride. When I got the CRF, (neglecting the variable that the bike had lots of problems and it took me just about a full season to sort it out), I didn't get faster, I was just able to ride lazier in a year that the F1 class wasn't very competitive and with a huge margin for error. The track record in our club on a tight track, Circleville Raceway Park, is held by a rider on a RS125 /CR80, I believe. Having also raced a KX60 in a RS125 frame I can tell you that the 2-strokes might be faster bikes with a clear track in front of you, but it is extremely difficult to pass with them. Everything is a pretty strict outside-inside. All the person in front has to do is listen for who is behind them, pick as slow corner, then touch the brake or just let off momentarily. After that, it will take a whole lap to set up the pass again. In retrospect, however, the YZ85 was the more fun bike. Agree with the comment that the front brake is key. *Keep in mind, these results a coming from a rider of Novice+ ability.

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