CR80 engine kit for RS125 NF4

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    Complete CR80 engine kit for a Honda RS125 NF4

    For the first time in my life, I am parting something out. I went to start this engine and it leaked from the water pump weep hole, and maybe around the gasket as well, and had no spark. Maybe it was as simple as a getting a better ground, replacing and water pump seal and inserting a Heli coil, but I got angry and sold the bike as a roller. Note: this is a COMPLETE bolt-in-and-go kit to put a CR80 in a NF4 RS125. It fits great and I can put it in the bike or remove it in less than fifteen minutes. Engine cases have been nicely machined to fit, (you’ll notice that the kick starter is missing and the oil fill has been relocated); extended shift arm is still attached; I am told that it is a Harry Okuda motor. At any rate, it is heavily ported. Keihin flat slide carb. New piston, and I found a used crank in the spares, so maybe that is new as well. Or maybe not… There is a spot of J.B. Weld, (pictured), on the case just below the water pump. All electrics are present, including kill switch, but I can’t verify that they are in working order. My guess is, no. The pipe is a nice custom one built by Tommy Crawford, reportedly, and is nearly perfect aside from a hairline crack, (pictured). Also included is an almost complete set of gaskets if you want to spit the cases and start from scratch. For an additional $150, I have a really nice Phathead Racing billet head with inserts for adjustable squish and o-ring head gaskets. I think these go for about $275 new. Would really like to see this engine back in an RS chassis and on the track. Too much hard work in this build to be potentially wasted (by me). Can't figure out photos, but I pretty much carpet bombed Facebook with this listing, so search OMRL and about fifteen photos will come up. Thanks for your time. JE

    $200 for the engine, electrics and gaskets

    $100 for the pipe

    $150 for the billet head

    $400 for the whole package

    $50 discount if you promise to race the completed bike at one round with OMRL

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    Sold. Thanks.

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