CR500- Road Race bike

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by JTRC51, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Awesome build. Where did you find that case saver I can't find one for the life of me.. you run that in wera?
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    The case saver is an ebay find from somewhere in the uk. Expensive but an excellent job machining it. I dont run in wera, I race with the MRA. I have an aluminum tank for it. It really completes the look. The plastic stocker just was what worked.
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    Cool I'm having a custom underswung pipe made for my setup.. what bodywork did you go with?
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    I am using a Ducati 916 style upper, no bellypan, and a Honda RS250 tail.
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    There is a CR500 supermono on Ducati MS forum for sale. Looks well sorted for what it is and cheap.
  7. Here's mine 1990 tz 250 a with cr 5 how are you guys getting more revs mine peaks at 7200 and it's killing me the bike wants more .
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    Finally got my pipe far as the more revs question I have a fully modded motor that only runs on 116 octane race gas.. these are not like normal 2 stroke after 7000-75000 rpm the torque and hp drop way off(stock motor wise).. I just gear mine really tall currently running a 15 - 34 on mine

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    I can say that a smaller head pipe will definitely help RPM drop off.
    I have a 98 CR 250 framed 500 that I built. Me and a buddy tested pipes on ours and the DG National pipe was best for top end compared to Pro Circuit and FMF pipes.
    These motors just don't like to Rev.
    As lane said just gear them as high as you can and open ports up as big as you can. Lol.
    I run 15 49 on my dirt bike.
    And lane I will be bring it to Tally for you next month.
    She's all warm and cozy over here.

    Steven Isenhower #52
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    Awesome see you there man! That'll give me plenty of time to get her done before barber
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    So many people are doing the banshee conversion..on the RS 250... Parts, exhaust, without having to have a set custom made for the CR motor....don't understand why it would be better?
  13. Gimmie Mo

    Gimmie Mo I screw things up daily..

    Of course...some have tried an SVX conversion as well...
  14. Gimmie Mo

    Gimmie Mo I screw things up daily..

    But I'm liking...what you guys have done...looking at a different way to go on mine in the future...
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    Port, pipe, CR250 cdi, de-stroke 3mm (76m) and re-balance crank. Get you to 9700rpm and peak power 9200rpm.
  18. Yes she can beforsale

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