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    i noticed for this weekend at Tally that the only contingencies available are from Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Hotbodies, Michelin, and Pit Bull. Is it common for other companies to come on board as the year progresses or will this be it for the whole year? i noticed last year there were several other companies offering contingencies. Thanks.
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  3. Don't forget about HELD. They started a thread on here recently. I can't remember the details, you will have to search for the thread and read it. I just know that i don't qualify because i only race in SB classes.

    I thought Vortex was offering contingency, but I could be wrong.

    Contingency is pretty much sucking. For the most part, you might earn $10 or $50 in certificates here and there (except for tires, where you can earn a good bit). Don't get me wrong, i am thankful and appreciative of any support/contingency. I am just saying that you can't expect to go to a weekend and "earn" thousands, or even hundreds for the most part.

    I don't worry about it. I run the products i like the best (I use Pitbull whether they offer contingency or not) and if they are contingency eligible, so be it. Im not a contingency chaser.
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    The ones listed for Talladega are the ones I had at the time I made the schedule. Not all companies have released programs yet, actually very few have. For some reason March is the normal time for use to get most of the programs into the office.
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    Keeping fingers crossed. After watching the Rolex 24, I'm really starting to
    go into crew chief withdrawals :p
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  6. Withdrawals
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    That's what I said :D
    I typed it that way, and my spell checker showed it was wrong.
    Go figure
  8. Not fast enough.
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    for some reason many manufactures havent figured out that waiting untill after the season starts to post contingency doesnt help sell products to racers that generally have to build their bikes before the season starts.
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    It's February 3rd. Don't you think it's a bit early for everywhere outside of California and Arizona and Las Vegas?

    Seriously. How big a difference in what you're building is a tire going to make? A different spring one way or the other? Is contingency going to effect how you build a bike that much?

    I'd kinda like to see WERA, CCS, ASMA, CVMA, AFM, band together and suggest that the Manu's release programs by some specific date....but it will never prolly happen. seems to me the folks out west are used to this, with the season kicking off the week after New Year's, they almost never know what the deal is until after the season has started. It's you uppity mid Midwesterners and East coaster who are all going insane with cabin fever that are throwing tantrums. :D

    I could be wrong, and usually am, except when I'm right.
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    I think you are confusing this thread with the tire thread. this was a contingency in general thread. Last year I got screwed because I had two 2008 Suzukis that I sold in January and bought a 2009 Kaw, hoping contingency programs from them would be about the same as they had been for several years. well guess what Kaw dropped their program in 2010 and Suzuki extended theirs to allow 2008s to be eligible one more year, of course none of this was known untill it was too late. I already have my tire deal with Michelin and am very happy with their program.
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    Contingencies??? I thought y'all was racin' for fun. :rolleyes:
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    thats contingent upon whether the finish position ends up on a podium! :D

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