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    WERA will be presenting the 2nd Annual Concours de Competition hosted by the Barber Museum on July 4, 2020. If you missed the Inaugural event you should start thinking now about getting a bike ready for the 2020 event. The trophies made by the Museum last year were mounted in pieces take from the track. There may not be a more coveted trophy for a classic racer. Start planning and working on your bikes and exhibits. It takes a combination of on track performance, great preservation and inspiring exhibits to take top honors.

    The invitation process will open in February, but it requires a photo of the bike as part of the request to be accepted. So you may need to start working on the bike now to convince the Museum that you will have a worthy and running bike by the 4th of July. We are available to answer questions now. Looking forward to a larger and even better event in 2020.
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    Concours de Competition FAQ

    When and where will the concours be presented? The event will be part of the WERA race weekend at Barber Motorsports Park on Saturday July 4, 2020.

    How will the concours operate? There will be two concours run: a concours de competition (go class) for on track laps as well as display and a concours d’ elegance (show class) for static display. Once a participant has be accepted into the “go” classes they will also be given the opportunity to enter additional bikes in the “show” class.

    How will the track time on for the “go” class operate? WERA will conduct the sessions and tech inspection for the “go” class as they do for the regular vintage competition classes. Riders of the concours machines must have AMA membership and license with a racing organization WERA recognizes. WERA will have the final authority over issues related to safety per their technical standards, rider licenses and everything related to the on-track portion of the event. WERA will register the participants (once accepted by museum) in its normal manner.

    How much track time will the “go” class have? WERA will give the concours participants 2 fifteen minute “practice” sessions in morning and 1 six lap “racing exhibition” in early afternoon. During the exhibition the bikes leave the grid in a single wave with the newer and faster bikes leaving first. Minimum number of “at speed” laps to qualify for concours judging will be 6.

    How many entries will be accepted into the “go” class? 30. Entries will come from a field invited by the Museum and WERA.

    Where will the concours area be located? WERA will provide a dedicated area of the paddock (upper most tier) for the competitors.

    How will the machines be judged? The concours will be under the direction of the museum and the promoter. This includes establishing the rules, recruiting the participants and judging. The museum will provide the judges. Bikes in the ”go” class will be judged on the combination of how well they performed on the track, their appearance and their exhibits in the exhibition area. Bikes in the “show” class will be judge on appearance and educational exhibits. The Museum will provide the awards and preside over the awards ceremony.

    What bikes are eligible for the event? At the first event bikes would be limited those raced in the 1950s - 1980s. Any bike which is eligible to run in WERA’s classes 250GP – 500GP or V1 – V6 can apply for an invitation.

    Where do I get more information? Information is posted on WERA’s website at and Facebook page Concours de Competition.

    What is the tentative schedule?

    7:00 am Registration and exhibit set up. Tech inspection by WERA.

    9:15 am Qualifying session 1 (15 minutes)

    10:00 am Concours area open to fans

    10:45 am Qualifying session 2 (15 minutes)

    1:00 pm “Racing exhibition” (and last chance to qualify) (6 laps)

    3:30 pm Judging begins

    5:00 pm Winners will to be announced and prizes awarded.

    How much does it cost to enter? Entry is by invitation only. Those who are invited will not pay any entry fee.

    How do I get invited? Send a request to along with a photo of the bike you wish to enter the “go” class. If you have additional bikes you would like to enter the “show” class, include that information in your request.

    What prizes will be awarded? The museum is making its own unique trophies. First, second and third will be awarded in each the “go” and “show” class. In addition, there will be one trophy awarded for best of show.
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    This was such a fun event and can't wait to come back in 2020 for more excitement. :bow:
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  4. Chuck78

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    Wow...this is very cool. I wish I had either of my vintage racer projects anywhere near photo-ready... THIS would be absolutely the most ideal event for me to finish my Rickman CR1000 project for... Parts are too rare to really race it seriously/competitively, but an exhibition race would be PERFECT.
    Something to DEFINITELY shoot for in 2021.

    I would hope that they could expand the event by then to be more than just 30 bikes/racers in one sole 6 lap race for the day, in order to get even more fantastic vintage race bikes and racers in attendance.

    I may just be spectating this next year, but this is fantastic...
  5. dave3593

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    I couldn't make it this year. What were the more notable bikes that were there for exhibition racing?

    I expect to be there for the 2020 event and ride WERA vintage class. Maybe the exhibition stuff also.
  6. Mongo

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    I might actually be able to make it this year.
  7. Can-am

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    Great. We had a lot of fun with the on-track and displays. 3 cases of home brewed beer evaporated during the social hour after the awards ceremony. (Regrettably no pie was served.) Looking forward to a bigger and better show this year with more spectators. Glad you can come this year.
  8. Mongo

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    I'm hoping, got a Willow the weekend prior and VMD the weekend after...
  9. g maloney

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    Is there a way to register without joining Facebook?
  10. Can-am

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    Absolutely. Facebook is only for publicity. Requests for invitations will open In February and are an email process. Looking forward to seeing you again and some of your interesting bikes.
  11. Can-am

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    See the January/February issue of Motorcycle Classics which began arriving in mailboxes on December 21. It has a 5 page article with 12 photos of the 2019 Concours. This article and its pictures do a much better job of illustrating what the event is like than I can do with posts to the forum. Take a look and then get ready to join us next year. We will start taking requests for invitations in February. Get your bike ready and plan to be at Barber on the 4th of July.
  12. Can-am

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    For 2020 the Concours, will be open to pre 96 V7 class bikes. The actual bike entered must be 25 or more years old since this event is about preservation, history and restoration. We are hoping to see even more interesting bikes this year with the expanded field of eligibility.
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  13. RRP

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    Good news!

    Thanks Ron!
  14. ScottyRock155

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    Does that mean I can bring a 96 GSXR 750 in 2021? :)
  15. Can-am

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    Yes, that is our current plan. Come visit this year on the 4th of July.
  16. Can-am

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    The Barber Museum just posted a link to the Motorcycle Classics article on the 2019 event:
    The 2nd Annual is July 4, 2020 at Barber. Mark your calendars. Applications for invitations will open in February. Registration and entrance fees for those invited will be paid by the promoter. Before you pay hundreds to try to ride your classic with MA, make sure it will pass tech and run properly at the Concours de Competition.
  17. Can-am

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    Invitation Process Now Open

    The Concours de Competition (Go Class) is an invitation only event with limited entries to assure safety on the track. The Concours d’Elegance has more space available as it is a static display in the paddock. The process to request an invitation is now open. If you would like to participate, please fill in the request for at the link below. You will receive a reply within a few weeks as to whether your request has been accepted. We expect more requests in the “Go Class” than space available, so the Museum will select among the applicants to try to make a diverse and representative field. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you on July 4th at Barber.

    Fill out one form per bike here:

    If you have any trouble filling out the form, send me a PM. This process is operated by old bikers, not by highly paid IT professionals. Thanks, Ron
  18. Mark Badillo

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    Sent in an application weeks ago. Is this still viable as an event?
  19. Mongo

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    Yes it is. They're getting the Porsche stuff up and running, we should be good by then.

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