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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by lrrs517, Nov 28, 2017.

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    I have said it before. The thing with the financial crisis is that so many people could have done the right thing and stopped it. The sad thing is none of them did. So to me the list of who is at fault is long: the regulators, the bond rating companies, the banks, the mortgage brokers, the appraisers, the real estate agents, and the borrowers. You can probably add the mutual fund managers to the list, as they were the ones pushing the banks and insurance companies to make the higher profits or else they will replace management.
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    This is great fun.

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    So two days ago the Fake Indian was talking to a group of black college students and stated that the entire justice system is racist...... Funny how racist she is and she doesn't even know it. If she was talking to white college students she would be blabbing about high interest rates on student loans but since she assumes blacks go around getting arrested that they need to be talked AT differently.
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    I guess if we keep mommas and babies together, we can prevent crimes/death
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    Translation: Illegal Aliens are more important than citizens woo woo woo....

    She could really care less about the murdered girl but had to give lip service to her death before moving on to defending the foreigners breaking our laws by just being here let alone the other things like murdering innocent people.
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    She is proof there is no God, otherwise, there'd just be a big smoking hole where she was just standing.
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    Or proof the Devil walks among us
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    You ever listen to her..... there is kind of a big smoking hole there.
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    Chief Spreading Bull is top of my wishlist for Dem candidates for pres for Trump to destroy in 2020. I have a feeling it will be Kamala Harris but whatever. I just look forward to Americans voting against Dems again.
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    She won't run for President. She is too smart and she has tons of power where she is now. Her statements like this latest one would bury her in a Presidential election and she knows it. She also knows those statements won't hurt her at all in the Massachusetts elections and will only solidify her base there.
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    LOL, that is typical political response to a question that is asked of them. "What do you think of our immigration system?"

    "Well, the price of corn in China is driving people from South Africa to drive on the wrong side of the road which kills babies. I know because I talked to those baby's mothers."

    The above is an extreme example of their deviation but they'll get there sooner or later.:(
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    This kinda cockiness scares me.

    Kamala Harris, Oprah, Whoopi... hell, even the "Ain't nobody got time for that" lady would beat Trump in an election. We have finally reduced ourselves to Idiocracy, and the Dems WILL run a black woman in 2020, and it won't matter a bit who. Enough people will vote with their skin tone and their reproductive organs that no white male will ever hold the office again.

    Watch the mid-term senate race in Texas. If Cruz loses to the cross-dressing (almost) felon, then I'm right, and we all need to plan our exit strategies.

    Ecuador looks nice other than their gun laws.
  19. blkduc

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    Y'all didn't listen to me when Trump was nominated, you think I'm going to be wrong this time? America is rejecting socialism and that's all the Dems are offering.
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    I'm not arguing with you.,.. I prefer the republicans stay in power at this point. I think that the right wing is a slower trip to the same inevitable conclusion.

    My point is, the Dems are PISSED. They WILL bring out the vote in these mid-terms.

    I only see what's going on on the ground here in DFW... but I can tell you that you can't throw a rock without hitting a Beto For Senate sign. I can count on one hand the Cruz signs I've seen and all I do is drive around NE DFW all day.

    What bugs me most is this. Twice now I've seen Pete Sessions and Beto signs in the same yard. Pete Sessions is about as right as they get, and he's going to win re-election until he dies and maybe a couple more.

    Beto is a lefty twink. Seeing signs for both candidates in the same yard is baffling. And frightening.

    Mark my words:

    If a Beto, a Democrat, wins a national position in Texas this fall, which hasn't happened in I don'tfuckingrememberwhen... we're fooked.


    Either way, there's no way any white male beats whatever black woman the dems run for the White House in 2020.

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