Chicken Hawk tires warmers and r6 Sato rear sets

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Drago, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Have some Chicken Hawk Pro line warmers and stand for sale - $450 shipped in US
    There is some browning on both warmers and the small holes you see is in the rear tire warmer. Haven't tried them on the track yet, but they worked when I plugged them in at home. These were obtained in a package deal so I don't know the history of them, sorry.

    Sato Rear sets from an 08 R6 - $220 shipped in US

    It doesn't come with a shift rod. Bike was using the stock shift rod and pedal, but I think you can purchase the rod separately, though I am not sure. I have the screws for the heel guard on brake side, but one of the heads got stripped so you would have to replace it. Also, you might need some washers with the bolt to hold up the exhaust, depending. Parts work fine, just have cosmetic blemishes as seen in the pictures. Pictures will be in second post.

    Edit: Won't let me attach the rear set pictures because I had them in another post, so you can either search for them or send me a PM for pictures. Thanks.

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    $425 shipped for warmers/stand.
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    Sent PM
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    Bump. This board moves so quickly.
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    Still for sale. Chicken Hawk said they could repair the small holes for around $35.
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    $400 shipped for warmers.

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